What is Keto Flu? These Are 7 Symptoms to Be Aware Of

What is keto flu? Ketosis, or, ‘’keto flu,’’ is simply a combination of symptoms experienced by an individual who recently embarked on the popular keto diet craze. Generally speaking, symptoms are, as stated by Healthline, ‘’most similar to the common cold and derived from the body adapting to a new diet consisting of very little carbohydrates.’’

Despite all the rage for the keto diet, one of the most prominent impacts on your health would include the body burning more ketones for energy as oppose to glucose. Why is this important?

Ketones are the byproduct of broken down fat—which result in the main fuel source when committing to a keto diet. However because ketones are the body’s secondary choice of fuel, with the first being glucose, this means the individual may experience starvation and even shock upon the first few days of the switch. 

This is why it is important to check in with your doctor for their professional opinion on the diet—and figuring out if the keto diet is right for you—before falling victim to health articles that promote anything but these side effects.

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1. Induction flu

Most incidents concerning induction flu are generally reported within the first week of starting the new diet and are known to mimic flu related symptoms. This includes but is not limited to confusion, brain fog, laziness, and withdrawal from once favored activities.

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2. Constipation 

Constipation is most common with individuals who have sensitive digestive systems and currently dehydrated. Some solutions to constipation may include but are not limited to drinking more fluids and increasing your salt and vegetable intake. 

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3. Reduced physical performance 

A person’s physical performance is drastically impacted during the first week of starting a keto (low carb) diet. Reasons are generally linked to lack of fluid and salts and the adaption to the change in general. Your body is not a machine. Therefore, transitioning to such diets can be easier for some and harder for others. 

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4. Terrible breath 

It is reported by some individuals that their breath began to smell a bit ‘’fruity’’ after taking on a low carb diet. This smell is in fact acetone—a tall tale sign that your body is burning and converting more fat. 

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5. Heart palpitations 

But it’s usually not as serious as one would think. 

As stated by Healthline,‘’It’s common to experience a slightly elevated heart rate during the first few weeks on low carb. It’s also common to experience that the heart is beating a bit harder. This is normal and usually nothing to worry about.

One common cause is dehydration and a lack of salt. A reduction in the amount of circulating fluid in the bloodstream means that the heart will have to pump blood slightly harder or faster to maintain blood pressure.’’

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6. Cramping

Loss of minerals and magnetism is expected when starting off on a low carb diet. This is generally a minor issue upon occurring, however it is important to addressing the pain properly as oppose to simply reliving it with a cold ice pack. Some solutions would include but are not limited to drinking more fluids and increasing your magnesium intake. 

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7. Reduced tolerance to alcohol 

Although more studies are needed to back this claim, it is believed by health experts that because the liver is working more when on a low carb diet, its ability to burn alcohol is slowed down. 

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