Plant-Based Diet, Whole Foods & Spin Class Sessions with Ashley Dussault of Plantly Thriving

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In this episode, we speak with Ashley Dussault, a young woman who is on a mission to help other women thrive with whole food nutrition.

Based in Canada, she has a hectic schedule running spin class sessions, being a member of Babes in Business, making delicious smoothie bowls and growing her beautiful Instagram account. Listen and read below.

In a world of information overload, every day we are tossed in a million directions as to what to eat, what not to eat and at the top of the list, the never-ending debate about which diet is best or worst.

One of the diets that has stood the test of time, however, is the plant-based diet, which focuses on eating mostly plant-based, whole foods that are minimally processed and has limited animal foods or avoids them completely.

A wealth of plants including vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grains, legumes, and nuts make up a majority of what you eat. While excess sugar, refined foods, white flour, and processed oils take a back seat.

There’s a lot of talk about how eating an entirely plant-based diet can affect one’s health, as naysayers believe you miss out on important nutrients obtained from animals. While proponents like Ashley call bullshit on such myths.

It has been medically proven to benefit a number of conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Cognitive Decline

So we decided it was time to really get to the bottom of this with someone who is breaking barriers and challenging plant-based diet myths with her awesome business, Plantly Thriving.

Ashley Dussault via Instagram

At 22 years old, Ashley Dussault is no slouch. With a wealth of projects under her belt, she is not only a plant-based enthusiast but also a spin instructor, health and wellness coach, personal trainer, blogger and influencer.

Whew! Yea we know, that’s a mouthful, but Ashley does it all like a trooper and a few weeks ago she took some time out of her breakneck schedule to school us about going plant-based, how it has changed her life, and how you can get started today.

This interview is a long but very interesting listen, so grab a smoothie bowl and listen on.

Here Ashley gives you tips to upgrade your plant-based life and reap the benefits

Developing healthy eating habits take dedication and continuous practice. For Ashley, it practically happened overnight, but for you it might take a little longer.

Be patient with your body, start adding before you take away and don’t overthink the process. As Ashley states, don’t make it more complicated than it has to.

Ashley Dussault’s Info:

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