100+ Foods You Should Avoid on a Keto Diet

When you start any diet, before you know anything else, you should be aware of the foods you can and cannot eat. The Keto diet is no different.

With the Ketogenic diet being one that focuses on the consumption of a low amount of carbohydrates, there are many popular foods that are immediately ruled out of your diet.

But, there are plenty of foods you can eat on a Keto diet, so this long list should not dissuade you.

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Being aware of the foods you should avoid on a Keto diet will help you create a shopping list that works for you, so your body will stay in ketosis longer and you will see results quicker.


The 100+ Foods You Should Avoid On a Keto Diet

Over at Perfectketo.com, they have created a very informative and in-depth infographic that goes into detail, listing over 100 foods you should avoid on a Keto diet.

See them below:


Foods You Should Avoid On a  Keto Diet Summary

As you read above, a majority of the foods you love to eat are not the most useful on a Keto diet. Hence, your intake on this diet will take keen attention to ensure your body stays in ketosis and burns the most fat.

We know it sucks giving up fruits like bananas and grains such as rice. These foods are convenient, affordable and delicious, but eating foods like berries and brussel sprouts are not that bad either.

Happy shopping and dieting!


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