28 Instagram Bloggers Who Excel in Cold Weather Outfits

We all know this tune. “Oh, the weather outside is frightful!” But when it comes to that glorious time towards the end of the year—a time of peppermint mocha, string lights, forgotten diets, shiny wrapping paper under an abused tree and, most importantly, cold weather outfits—we might as well change the following lyric to ”Damn right it’s so delightful.”

Ever opened your blinds in the morning and see nothing but white? Trees looking like they’re about to flip themselves upside down because of a ”slight” winter breeze? Maybe at this point, you, like myself, closed the curtains right back and gave yourself a serious pep talk due to your unpreparedness. Time for a jacket, fool. 

I was born and raised in San Diego. Cold weather just isn’t our thing. Admittedly, throughout the years, I’ve also learned to keep my mouth shut when it comes to anything regarding the thermostat during this time of the year. ”It’s getting cold over here!” I would say to my relatives over the phone, who live on the east coast. ”How cold?” they ask. ”Oh, weatherman says we’ll be getting in the low sixties this weekend.

We even started pulling out extra blankets at night!” At this point the line goes silent, which is eventually broken by a laugh. ”What?” someone says. ”You said what?” 

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All right. The purpose of that little story? To highlight my point that many individuals, regardless of where they live, may or may not have more trouble preparing for cooler weather than others.

Another thing? With the drop in temperatures also comes a shift in the fashion choices we make. Sometimes this transition can be tricky—especially for those who still need to look professional for work or social activities.

Furthermore, how does one create outfits that are both practical and trendy during this time of the year? The answer is heading straight to the source. And that’s why I’ve put together this list of 28 fashion bloggers who excel in creating just that: cold weather outfits

So without further a do . . . 

The Bloggers

Expressing yourself via fashion

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Above: @cbstyled
Above: @marisabe (photography by @j.p.hanney_visuals

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Above: @narssie
Above: @donossent

Aren’t these ladies and their outfits beautiful? As you can see, cold weathe outfits are best when composed of different prints, layers, and textures. 

The next few sections feature a few extra tidbits that may help broaden your creativity even further! 

1. Start with a blank canvas and work from there 

It’s easy to get confused when you’re working with a variety of print. To achieve better success, try starting off with a basic pallet (such as dark or light tones) and add patterns as you go. 

2. Practicality is key 

Those high heels boots may be great for the office presentation you have later today, but when walking around town (or in general) you may want to consider passing on them. Especially in cold weather: the last thing anyone want are numb toes!

3. Statement pieces can do wonders

This is especially true for earrings and large hats. As you might have noticed in the photos above, some of the most eye-catching outfits were polished off with either or of these things. 

Another plus? Hats, especially cotton or knit ones, can keep your ears warm!


Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the season!

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