Your Handbag Has Gone Green. Here are 9 Beautiful Bamboo Bags You Will Love

bamboo bags

Bamboo bags are not only trendy but also sustainable and eco-friendly. While seen as a novelty, they are a great way to add some nature to your outfit.

You’ll be getting a sleek, minimalist look with this accessory which you can pair it with your relaxed weekend wear, or your date-night outfit. Either way, it’s perfect!

Their neutral color allows the bamboo bags to match pretty much anything, and their bold-but-simple style means you can opt for subtle and classic accessories, or none, if you want.

These wooden bags are seeing a lot of love recently and while there’s plenty of high-end options, you don’t have to save up all your money to take part in this trend!

In this list I’ve found 9 of the best bamboo bags available online. This list includes round bags, square bags, whimsical bags, and chic bags. Now, keep reading below to find your favorite!

Looking for ethical fashion options?

We’ve got you covered with these awesome brands…

1. Cult Gaia - Zaha Bamboo Clutch


When it comes to trends, Cult Gaia’s Jasmin Larian has always had her finger on the pulse. She was designing flower crowns long before the festival goers began declaring they were a hit, and now she’s designing some of the industry’s most coveted bags!

This new ‘Zaha’ style is made from the same lightweight bamboo as her previous ‘Ark’ clutch. Formed into an elegant spherical shape and finished with protective feet underneath. A gorgeous bag, truly.

2. Right Before My Eyes Japanese Collapsible Bamboo Bag

This Japanese bamboo basket style bag is collapsible and can lay completely flat! A beautifully handcrafted design that can be worn as a bag or hung flat on the wall.

These are actually a reproduction of bamboo bags that were made during the Post World War II period from 1945 until 1952. Because this (and all the other bags) is made from natural material, variations in the bamboo color are normal.

3. Batu Bamboo Bag


This beautiful bamboo bag is a must have for any sunny vacation! Fits all your essentials from the beach to the bar!

Since these bags are all handmade and unique, it’s good to understand that slight discrepancies in the size, shape, and finish are to be expected due to the materials being used. The best advice is to treat your bamboo bags with love and care so they can last longer.

4. Desire to Delight Bamboo Bag

This bamboo bag from Banned lets you indulge your need for ensemble satisfaction! Thoroughly vintage-inspired with a beaded strap and circular design, this unique purse aims to please.

100% bamboo and that includes the strap! This purse can change any outfit to more of a bohemian chic that looks just so right. A great addition to any outfit!

5. Hosport Bamboo Circle Tote


Though bamboo bags aren’t always the most practical option for some occasions, you can’t deny the exquisite look it brings. Bamboo bags thrive for beach trips! They just fit the aesthetic so easily that you almost can’t not bring one with you!

This clutch has a beautiful circular design with a small wedge at the top for the handles. Think of these bamboo bags as glorified picnic baskets; that’s how I look at them.

Styling print can be hard!

Here we give you some solid advice…

6. Getting It Together Large Japanese Bamboo Square Bag

Are you looking for that extra thing to help you get your outfit together? Well, get it together with this unique, lovely, and most incredible conversation accessory! This bamboo bag is versatile and will compliment anything and everything you put with it.

This handbag is a no-brainer addition to your closet! This purchase features an adjustable shoulder strap and removable faux leather pouch! The strap is removable to convert your bag to a cute clutch. Get it before it’s gone!

7. Cupola Bag - Ash Multi


This special addition to the Cult Gaia line-up is a multi-colored bamboo with an architectural dome shape design. The collapsible handles give this fashion statement another layer of gorgeous wow factor!

If I were to choose my favorite bamboo bag from the ones on this list, I’d have to say it’s this one. The multiple colors are a huge plus for me. With the open half-circle at the bottom, the strips of bamboo give a unique sunset-look to the bag!

Bonus: if you click the link below, you’ll get a few options of what to wear this bag with!

8. Voudi Bamboo Handbag

The thing with the items on this list is they’re not just handbags, they are decorative works of art. You’ll enjoy returning to nature with the refreshing bamboo holding this bag together.

And, as a debunking of common misconceptions, the bamboo pieces are very close together, which means things cannot fall out! I know it seems like they can with some of these, but that wouldn’t be a very good purse now, would it?

Like the others, this bag is ready to go with you wherever you’re headed; shopping, parties, dating, traveling, you name it! The possibilities are endless!

9. Bailey Bamboo Handbag


The unique oval shape of this Bailey Bamboo Handbag is the ultimate choice for night and day, and it’s big enough for all day-out needs! This bag features a nice top handle, as well as, a Japanese wooden lock to keep your belongings safe while still looking fabulous.

This handmade bamboo purse is that cute statement piece you’ve been searching for. You have a color option between burlywood and coffee, then you’re free to start mixing and matching it with your outfits to give you that unique look!

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