Why is Self-Care Important? (Plus, 11 Ways You Can Start Paying More Attention to YOU)

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship is the one you have with yourself.”

- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Having time with yourself can feel like a rare moment. So much so that you when you have one, you might not know what to do with it, right?

It’s natural to feel like we need to make use of our time with the other people in our lives, jobs, and responsibilities. At the end of the day, being a good friend to yourself is just as important – no, more important.

Carving out time to sit and check in with ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s necessary to being happy in your own skin.

It’s just a fact that people are going to come in and out of your life, both by your own decision and through what life unexpectedly throws at you.

Through it all, there is one sure person who you live with the entire time, and there’s never an inconvenient time to start paying attention.

Self-care is taking steps to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. and there’s tons of simple ways to get started.

Your Emotional Wellness Comes First!

Here we give you some practical tips to get started…

1. Choose To Be A Positive Energy

There’s nothing like being around a hype friend and let’s be honest – for a lot of us, that’s our mom. Finding something, anything in your life to be eagerly ecstatic about with yourself every day is a wonderful practice of self care. So find some “mom-like” enthusiasm in a mundane task or daily accomplishment, it’ll help!!

2. Try Living Intentionally

It’s really easy to roll with the punches every single day may throw at you. If you realize each of your days are worth making the best of by living it your way and under your terms, you will thank yourself.

3. Pencil You In

A great way to start practicing self care is to schedule time when you will focus completely on yourself and what you would like to do – whether it’s for working toward your goals or having some much-needed “me” time, write it down and check it off.

4. Date Yourself

You regularly make time for your significant other / best friend/family – what about yourself? Whether its trying a new lunch spot, catching an event last minute or reading in the park, going on a little self-date is a great way to start enjoying your free time without a single person in front of you but yourself. Below we give you 21 awesome self-date ideas to try out.

5. Treat ‘Yo Self

As you go through life, often times you might be so focused on paying the bills and giving gifts to others – don’t forget to invest in yourself too! Whether it’s working in time for a haircut, buying yourself a kickass outfit that makes you feel really confident or splurging at a sale every once in a while, treating yo’ self is a great way to pay attention to yourself.

6. Declutter

Practicing self care means recognizing what you need and don’t need. Every so often check in with what is lingering in your life that doesn’t serve a purpose. Whether it’s a messy corner or toxic friend… sometime you just gotta take out the trash. You will thank yourself later.

Work-Life balance matters!

Here we give you an in-depth guide on how to get started…

7. Go Outside

Most of us work in offices inside and then go home. Going outside, whether it’s on your 10-minute breaks, evenings or weekends is so good for your mental health. Breathe that fresh air, get a bit of exercise, gaze upon the beautiful skies and trees around you. Nature will revive you.

8. Unplug

It’s really easy to give your spare seconds to your phone, but challenge yourself every once in while. Be present in the moment with whoever or whatever is around you or sit with yourself for a few moments a day. Or try turning off your social media notifications so your day isn’t constantly being interrupted by apps. You can always check them directly when you feel like it.

9. Take A Bubble Bath

Day after day, you might rush in and out of showers in the morning. A bath is somewhat symbolic of self-care because it fully embodies what the term stands for. Taking your time, sitting and finding comfort and joy in every passing second – it’s liberating, try it.

10. Write a Journal

Don’t dare let your inner voice always live in your head. It’s a mess up there and will continue to be until you expel it out in some way. Much of the time, telling it all to a confidant is a great form a self care, but there’s something uniquely helpful about writing down your thoughts without fear of judgement or feedback. Find a piece of paper, rant, throw it away or keep it to reflect later on your personal growth.

11. Make Yourself A Healthy Meal

Cooking yourself something delicious with your own love produces a good feeling every time. Your health is so important and to express that through taking the time to create a dish you enjoy shows how much you care about what you put in your body.

12. Bonus: Practice Saying “No”

When you love someone, oftentimes you will do anything for them. It might also be why you feel like you’ve lost yourself and your own time to enjoy self-care. So be picky sometimes, if you haven’t checked with yourself in a while and all your responsibilities are having you spread yourself thin, saying “no” every once and a while and being okay with it, is the first step.

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