Soothe Your Body Next Vacation at These 8 Steaming Hot Springs

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So much better than any hot tub you’ve ever been in, the benefits that come with soaking in hot springs are so plentiful! Sore muscles relax, circulation boosts immensely, and, the best for last, your mind and spirit become rejuvenated in the magical waters.

Humans have always flocked to hot springs since before written history. And not just us; there are plenty of animals alongside us that use the hot springs for their healing mineral waters and calming vibe.

Hot springs are the ultimate “Treat yo’self” act, and that’s why I’m helping you know where you can find one for yourself. And to make it even easier for you to find these natural fountains of spiritual youth, this list only contains hot springs located in the U.S. (you’re welcome). So, read on and find the best steamy hot spring for you to treat yo’self!

Hesitant about taking some me-time?

Here is why self-care is so important…

1. Lava Hot Springs, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho


A terrific vacation spot for the whole family, or just you and your partner. Who am I kidding, all you need to enjoy yourself at this place is yourself. In addition to the extravagant 20,000-gallon pool from the multiple geothermal mountain springs, Lava Hot Springs includes a giant water park complete with an Olympic swimming pool, kiddie pool, diving platforms, and crazy fast water slides!

If you’re looking to treat yo’self, and you’re afraid that everyone you know and love will be too jealous of you, bring them with you. There’s a spot for everyone at the Lava Hot Springs!

2. Glenwood Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs, Colorado


Glenwood Hot Springs holds the great honor of being the world’s largest hot springs pool. Sitting snugly against a stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop. Just imagine what visiting this place would be like: soaking in the steaming waters while a snowy winter blows in the breathtaking evening all around you.

They just broke ground in late 2018 to add an aquatic water park to their roster or attractions, so there’ll be a lot more to do in coming months. Whichever you choose, there is no denying that the hot springs will go down as one of their best kept gems.

3. Breintenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

Breitenbush Hot Springs, known by many as the paragon of serenity, is a secluded Oregon retreat tucked away east of Detroit. Breitenbush offers day use of their clothing-optional natural stone pools, but you can also make reservations for overnight retreats. You’ll stay in a rustic cabin in the middle of a beautiful forest, enjoy catered vegetarian or vegan meals, and hike through the surrounding wilderness! You’ll love the peaceful forests and heart-stopping mountain vistas.

4. Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming

This hot springs hot spot offers miles and miles of hiking trails and satisfying thermal pools in a unique landscape. Some refer to this park as a “mini-Yellowstone”, this state park is only a few hours from it’s larger cousin, Yellowstone, and is rich with many similar wildlife ecosystems. Witness captivating geological features like the Rainbow Terraces, the bison herd, and the meandering Bighorn River!

There is one thing that separates this park from Yellowstone: a free bath house featuring indoor and outdoor soaking pools whose waters are fed from the surrounding mineral hot springs. Here, you can hike and explore the wildlife all day, and then relax your muscles in the thermal waters for one of the most unique state park experiences.

5. Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Lodgings, Ouray, Colorado


Wiesbaden is famous for its unique European style and breathtaking rustic setting. Located in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Wiesbaden gives you a serene Alpine escape from the fast-moving and stressful cage of normality. These waters are especially therapeutic. Wiesbaden’s facilities include an outdoor pool with a beautiful mountain view, a private soaking tub, and the famous Vaporcave hidden underneath mountain rock.

6. Allegheny Springs at the Omni Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, Virginia

Older than the United States, this sprawling and historic resort dates back to 1766! It’s home to some of the world’s best natural hot springs. Thomas Jefferson (yeah, the founding father himself) visited these springs back in 1818! The therapeutic waters are fed from the Allegheny Mountains that sit just Northeast of the springs. These springs are truly a peaceful oasis for anyone and everyone.

7. Riverbend Hot Springs, Trutah or Consequences, New Mexico


If you’re looking for a peaceful desert retreat, you need to head to the Riverbend Hot Springs in New Mexico. The tiled geothermal pool and private soaking tubs range in temperature and all sit beside the Rio Grande River. They’re all communal, and give soakers the most awe-inspiring view of the dusty red hills of Turtleback Mountain in the distance.

8. Boiling River Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Montana

Yellowstone is famous for it’s multiple hotbeds and geothermal springs. Unfortunately, most of these springs are way too hot to set a foot in. However, at Boiling River Hot Springs, the frigid river waters mix with the scorching hot spring to create a very unique swimming hole that most visitors don’t even know about!

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you the how-to on finding this secret paradise. First, you enter Yellowstone at the North Entrance and park in a small lot three miles in on the left. Follow that trail about 400 meters and you’ll be welcomed by the most relaxing natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen or experienced.

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