What is the Candida Diet? (Plus 9 Tasty Recipes To Get You Started)

The candida diet is usually cited by doctors of alternative medicine as a way to combat an excessive growth of a naturally occurring, fungus-like organism in the gut called Candida albicans. Also known as ‘yeast syndrome’.

Doctors Recommend

To treat this overgrowth, these doctors recommend following a restrictive diet that eliminates foods thought to contribute to candida growth. These mostly include sugar, white flour, cheese, caffeine, yeast-containing foods such as beer, wine, vinegar, and bread.

Candida is commonly found in the gut, and is deemed harmless in most people. It generally poses a risk to those with severely compromised immune systems.

If you think this is you, or you just want to learn some new healthy recipes to keep it in check, try out these 9 tasty ideas:

1. Gut-Healthy Pancakes

via christinaricewellness.com

These pancakes are created by health coach Christina Rice, and they work for just about every type of eater. They’re permissible for the candida diet, paleo, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. And, somehow, she managed to sneak in some gut-healthy collagen. Amazingly, even with all thosee ingredients from the list above, they’re so delicious!

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2. Carrot Cake Porridge

Unfortunately, you’re unable to enjoy oats on a candida diet, but you can eat all the oat bran that you want. This recipe mixes it with buckwheat flakes and beta carotene-packed carrots, which are great in small quantities. That’s something I appreciate about the people that make these recipes, they figure out a way to help us eat what we want while also being healthy.

3. Mindful Veggie Bowl

What’s better for your body than loading up on nutrient-dense veggies to boost your immunity against diseases, while also keeping your body balanced. If you use this candida diet recipe, feel free to add any non-starchy vegetables you love into the mix.

4. Nachos with Rutabaga Chips

Unlike a lot of starchy vegetables, the root vegetable rutabaga is approved for those on a candida diet thanks to all its anti-fungal properties. In this recipe, rutabaga replaces traditional corn tortilla chips. You can even make oven-baked rutabaga fries using coconut oil and salt. Yes please!

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5. Marinated Kale Salad

via naturaltastychef.com

This simple salad recipe uses the gut-healthy apple cider vinegar which adds an enormous amount of health benefits to the mix. Plus, tossing in pumpkin seeds add even more anti-fungal properties to this tasty little salad.

6. Kimchi Meatballs

Fermented foods like kimchi are a perfect addition to anyone’s diet, especially people who suffer with candida overgrowth because of all the probiotics. The fermented cabbage adds a lot of flavor to traditional meatballs, and the recipes creator recommends serving with a side of plain yogurt.

7. Sesame Salmon Burgers

via elanaspantry.com

This salmon burger recipe is so flavorful that you won’t even miss the bread. Filled with healthy garlic, ginger, scallions, and two types of sesame. Also, the salmon burgers gives you a huge boost of protein that are also low-carb.

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8. Green Chili Chicken Stew

Who doesn’t love a steamy bowls of warm chicken soup? Luckily, most versions are pretty candida diet-friendly. This recipe does have chicken, but if you’re vegetarian, there is an alternate recipe made with cauliflower taco meat instead.

9. Cinnamon Cookies

via naturalsweetrecipes.com

Now, usually cookies and candida do not mix, but this recipe utilizes anti-fungal xylitol as a sweetener instead of sugar. The use of anti-inflammatory cinnamon adds a wellness bonus too. These candida cookies are a great example that you can still treat yourself while following this strict diet.


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