9 Office Fashion Tips for the Powerful Millennial Woman

We know. Sometimes dressing for the part can be a bit tricky. And if you relate to the question ‘’What exactly does casual mean?’’ then stay turned.

Here we offer you 9 tips on dressing for office fashion.

1. Understand the industry you’re working in

Take note of this. Different industries may or may not require certain dress codes. So to set the record straight, before entering your new office space always be sure to ask about the dress requirements.

2. Observe your colleagues

Are those sandals?

If you’re fortunate enough to tag along on a tour of the establishment before your first day, be sure to take note of the appearance of your colleagues. Ask yourself, How are they dressed? What colors are they wearing? This will not only help gauge what fashion direction you should take, but it will help clear any previous assumptions.

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3. Own a few nice things

The top 4 things that most individuals notice on another person are the following: watches, pocketbooks, necklaces, and earrings.

Think about it. You and your team are all seated and ready to discuss . At some point, you gaze across the table and can’t help but notice Giselle’s gold earrings. Or, in another case, you shake hands with an executive. Did you catch it? That’s a nice looking silver watch! Such simple yet elegant statement pieces go a long way.

A pro tip: Especially if you’re heading in for an interview, first impressions can sometimes determine whether or not a potential employer will hire you. Before leaving the house you should be able to look in the mirror and think ‘’Yes, I would hire me.’’

4. Avoid brighter hues

‘’Oh, neon!’’ says a little voice in one’s mind.

Yes, there is always a time to express ourselves with our clothing. And if your working environment encourages this you, very well, are extraordinarily blessed. But if otherwise, and when it comes to professional workplace attire, the general rule is to stay away from flashy colors such as neon. Reason being? They can be distracting, especially if you’re in an important meeting or hosting a PowerPoint presentation.

A pro tip: If you are hosting a PowerPoint presentation be sure to wear darker tones. This way your clothing won’t downplay or mix with graphics in the slides.

5. Make sure your clothes fit

An oversized shirt slightly tucked may look trendy for Instagram, but depending on the vibe of your workplace this can come off as unprofessional. With that being said, make sure your top and bottoms fit your body accordingly for a more polished look.

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6. Strive for comfort

Ultimately the goal is to ask yourself ‘’Will I still feel comfortable wearing this 7 + hours later?’’ Especially when you’re working in an environment that requires you to be on your feet pretty much every other second, the last thing you want to do be stuck in four-inch heels the rest of the day.

Our solution? If you do prefer to wear stylish footwear, consider storing an extra pair of tennis shoes near your desk. This way you will always have the option to switch out.

7. Dress with confidence

Regardless of what you wear, dress with confidence. Not only will this boost your work momentum, but it will also reflect in your tone of voice, ability to communicate, and quality of work.

8. Have it all worked out

Have your outfit picked out and ready the previous night. Even if you don’t feel like it, just do it. And hey—you may even be able to sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep because of your awesome preparation skills.

9. Create a photo album

Still having trouble? Worse comes to worse you can always look for office fashion inspiration online by simply typing keywords like ‘’office fashion,’’ ‘’office style,’’ and ‘’work attire.’’

This particular article by The Fashion Tag, for example, is loaded with creativity!

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