9 Natural Beauty Tips For The Busy Millennial

Going to the spa is such a rip-off.


Okay, maybe not everything at the spa is a rip-off. But for the most part, you can pamper and cater to most of your skin care needs equally, if not, better than for what you pay at the spa. Deep conditioning body wraps and scrubs can run you well into the $80-$100 range. And that’s for only one treatment!

We’re being way overcharged for results that we can achieve at home, with products that are as simple as sugar and oil. And that’ll only cost you $10. I’m telling you, the price of natural beauty is not high at all. Begs the question why plastic surgery is so expensive… but I digress.

Achieving natural beauty is no secret, no life investment, and it’s definitely not a pricey spa trip. You can easily enhance the way you look and feel with just a few lifestyle adjustments. And these natural beauty tips will help you get started.

9 Natural Beauty Tips That Will Make You Glow

1. Sweat it out

Believe it or not, there’s actually a method to the madness of those satanically hot wooden rooms at the gym. A good cardio session, or just sitting in the sauna, does wonders for your skin. We know that when we become hot, we begin to sweat as a cooling mechanism in reaction to the increase in temperature. But, water and salt aren’t the only substances we lose when we sweat.

We when sweat, we also release tons of toxins stored in the skin and unclog pores. Which, as we know, are the enemy of a beautiful complexion. Sweating also increases blood flow to the surface of the skin which can reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and even cellulite. So, try to throw in a quick 30-minute cardio every other day. Or, just sit in a hot car for a few minutes. As long as you sweat, you’re good.

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2. Drink more water

I bet you got thirsty just from reading that. America, you’re dehydrated. On average, most of us only drink about 2 out of the 8 recommended cups of water per day.  We should be ashamed. Our bodies are made of 70% water and it’s the body’s lubricant. Without sufficient water intake, routine bodily functions become harder to carry out, and your appearance takes a hit.

Your skin and nails become drier and weaker, your muscles lose elasticity making you susceptible to muscle cramps and injuries, and even your hair can become very dry and brittle leading to breakage. Es no bueno. All of these natural beauty tips mean absolutely nothing if you don’t drink enough water.  Hydration is key!

3. Add dry brushing to your exfoliation routine

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Exfoliation plays a huge role in having radiant, youthful skin. Dry brushing is one of those natural beauty tips that have been around for ages! The process is exactly what it sounds like. Using a soft, natural bristle brush like this one, brush the skin, while dry, in circular motions moving upwards towards the heart.

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation to the skin’s surface, and even assists with lymphatic drainage. Hence the reason I said to brush upwards and to the heart. This is the direction that lymphatic fluid moves in the body so to go this direction is most beneficial. After you finish brushing the area, clean the area well and moisturize well. Super smooth, even skin!

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NOTE: It’s widely believed that dry brushing can eliminate cellulite. This is not entirely true as it doesn’t actually cause the cellulite to dissipate. Rather, it encourages blood flow to the exfoliated area which in turn, reduces the appearance of the cellulite.  Just wanted to clear that up.

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4. Stop shaving with shaving cream/gel

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The days of shaving our bodies with shaving cream are long gone. At least they should be! Believe it or not, shaving cream may be the reason your legs or arms still have a little stubble after you just shaved. The ultra-rich lather from creams and gels create a thick barrier between your skin and the razor. It doesn’t allow for efficient contact with the skin which means not a close shave.

Opt for shaving oils, lotions, or even hair conditioner instead. Check out this article by Hayli from Bustle on how to use coconut oil to shave! They all work better to hydrate the skin and soften the hairs for easier removal and smoother skin. Which brings me to the next of natural beauty tips…

5. Exfoliate before you shave

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This is another super important beauty tip because it makes the biggest difference in your shaving game. You can use that natural bristle brush that I mentioned earlier, or you can make a quick sugar scrub to abrade away any impurities for the closest shave you can possibly get.

Like I said before, exfoliation removes dead skin cells, dirt, and softens the hair follicle. That makes your razor glide like butter across your skin with minimal drag or tugging. It also helps to prevent and remove ingrown hairs and, reduce razor bumps.

NOTE: Always listen to your skin when it comes to exfoliation. Some people can do it comfortably every day, while others have to do it every 2-3 days. A general rule of thumb: If your skin begins to dry out and peel in between scrub days, it’s best to lay off and exfoliate less often.

6. Eat more raw

The key to getting the most out of the fruit and veggies that we sometimes hate to eat is to eat them raw. When we cook our food, the proteins inside are denatured and nutrients are destroyed. The high heat also kills the healthy enzymes in food which are useful for digestion.

Fruits and vegetables are very high in fiber and fiber is the key to a healthy digestive tract. While the cooking process doesn’t destroy the fibrous cell walls of plant foods, eating your produce raw keeps the fibers intact. Try going raw for just 3 days and you’ll see the difference in the way you look and feel.

PRO TIP: Don’t remove the skins from your fruits and vegetables! You can lose 1-2 grams of fiber per serving when you remove the skin from a plant food. So, no more apple slices without the skin! We’re big kids now.

7. Prepare for sleep properly

Before you log-in those 8 hours of beauty sleep, there are a few things you can do to get more out of that beauty rest. Exfoliation is always best to do right before you hit the hay. Since exfoliation removes layers of skin cells, it makes your skin more sensitive to harmful UV rays. It’s only for a day or so until more mature skin cells form to protect younger skin cells from the sun.

Of course, you can use sunscreen but it’s better to avoid it all together by exfoliating before bed. The body does all its repair and rejuvenation while we sleep so you want to prep your skin for that properly. Exfoliate and moisturize the skin, lips, and hands at night and you’ll wake up with ultra-soft, and radiantly smooth skin.

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8. Wash your feet every day

Even if you didn’t shower! Your feet are filthy people. They collect millions of bacteria throughout the day and they sweat. A lot. Even if you think your feet don’t sweat, they do. They become a breeding ground for germs inside your socks and shoes all day. Leaving that bacteria on your feet can lead to odor or in some cases an infection.

Washing your feet often also reduces the development of calluses and rough skin, and softens cuticles. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate any rough areas and moisturize WELL. Consistent washing can be drying so make sure to use a rich lotion to hydrate the skin. See, if it wasn’t for this list of natural beauty tips, you probably wouldn’t have even thought about this. You’re welcome!

9. Don’t shower every day

This might seem like a contradiction to everything on this list of natural beauty tips but, this is true. Showering every day is extremely drying for the skin. You need to allow your body to naturally release its oils to hydrate your skin.

Your oil glands form a sort of “memory” of how much oil needs to be secreted to keep your skin lush. But constant washing creates a false dehydration of the skin so your oil glands overproduce to compensate. You don’t want to have excess oil in the skin that can lead to breakouts. So try reducing your showers to every other day. Your skin will thank you.

So there you go guys, 9 natural beauty tips that won’t break the bank, and will give you long lasting true beauty. And as you can see, that beauty starts with investing in your health! Two birds with one stone. Not bad.

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