11 Fabulous Dip Powder Nail Tips to Simplify Your Routine

Dip manicures are like a mix between a manicure and fake nails. Compared to typical acrylic or gel nails, dip manicures are thinner, and require less filing. They look more natural, are less likely to lift, and they’re super easy to apply. Also, there’s no odorous liquid monomer or UV light needed! Want to learn how to join this growing trend?

Read on for 11 fabulous dip powder nail tips.

1. Groom Your Nails

If you have polish on your nails, you need to remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover and a lint-free pad. Use a cuticle pusher as well as a cuticle trimmer or scraper to allow nail growth. This is one of the most important dip powder nail tips because it keeps your manicure lasting longer before it needs a fill.

You’ll also need to buff the top surfaces of your nails, and file away any problematic areas before beginning.

2. Sanitize Your Nails With Alcohol

Dampen a paper towel with alcohol or nail sanitizer. Rub the moistened towel over your nails and fingers - from the closest knuckle to your cuticles, and then down towards your nails. This step cleans and dehydrates your nails in preparation for a dip manicure. Trust me, you don’t want to seal in any bacteria or grime.


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3. Find the Right-Sized Tips

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If you’re wanting to extend the length of your nails, you should find a tip for each nail that covers no more than a third of your nail bed. Each tip should stretch across the whole width of your nail without overlapping onto your skin. Coat the tip wells with tip resin, and hold each one to the tip of the nail at a 45 degree angle for twenty seconds.

4. Paint on the Bonder & Brush on Resin

I’ve combined these two dip powder nail tips since they can be done quickly one after another. First, paint on the bonder in small strokes, and be sure to spread it out so it doesn’t well up near the cuticle area. Let that sit for one minute before brushing on the resin. Apply the resin evenly, dotting with the belly of the brush applicator, rather than in strokes like nail polish. Focus on creating a clean edge just above the cuticle.

5. Dip Your Finger into the Container of Clear Nail Powder

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Be sure to shake the closed container of powder well first. Uses the nail stick or pusher to mix the powder, and then push your finger forward into the container. Roll your finger gently. Keep your finger in the powder for five seconds. Remove your finger and tap your knuckle to knock in excess powder back into the container. Once your nail is dry, use a nail brush to remove any more extra powder over a paper towel.

6. Apply More Resin & Powder

Apply a layer of resin over the whole nail, even the tips. Paint that on slowly and evenly. Here’s another of those important dip powder nail tips to focus on: if you want colored powder, now is the time to do it! Dip your finger into the powder again, remove excess powder, and then add more resin. You can repeat this step again to get a slightly more thicker and stronger manicure.

7. Brush on Activator

Now to seal the deal. Apply the activator in strokes just like you would regular nail polish. Allow the activator to sit for five seconds on the nails. Apply a second coat, and go ahead and allow that to sit for five seconds like the first coat.

8. File the Nail Edges to Dull & Shape Them

Using a soft-grid file on the exposed edges and sides of the nails, file them down to a good shape. You can’t have uneven nails even without the dip powder, that’s the whole point of a manicure, after all. 

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9. Finish with a Top Coat

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Make sure you’re using a top coat meant for acrylic nails. Allow your nails to air-dry for at least two minutes as you keep your fingers sedentary. Gently rub cuticle oil into the skin surrounding your nails. You can apply the top coat as you would any normal nail polish.

10. Wash Your Hands

One of the more obvious dry powder nail tips: Make sure your nails are completely dry before washing them. Use warm water, hand soap, and a good nail brush. Be sure to get around the tips of your nails, as well as underneath. Gently pat your nails dry with a towel.

11. Maintain

Your manicure can last three to four weeks before needing a fill, but you may notice new nail growth near the cuticle area. You can, if you wish, do the fill as early as two weeks if you’d like. Here’s a small list of dip powder nail tips for keeping your new fabulous manicure as long as possible:

  • If you want to apply colored nail polish on top of the manicure, don’t get any on your cuticles. That can cause chipping and lifting.
  • If you’re using a fan to dry your nails, I’d go for cool air instead of warm. 
  • Reapply a clear coat every few days to prevent chipping. Also, it doesn’t hurt to massage cuticle oil onto your nails every day if you can.

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