5 DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes to Protect You On Those Sunny Days

Whether it is Spring, Summer, a tropical getaway or you live in a sunny locale, sunscreen is a must. Spreading out on the beach, taking in the sights and sounds of your destination or just running errands around your hometown requires some amount of sun exposure.

According to Skincancer.org one in five Americans develop skin cancer by age 70. This is a high number and taking the necessary precautions to limit your chances of getting this diseases is important.

Sunscreens such as Banana Boat has been commercialized as cool and hip but loaded with chemicals that can cause more harm than the sun itself.

Today, we give you 5 DIY natural sunscreen recipes to protect your skin while reaping the overall health benefits of these natural ingredients.

So let’s start mixing.

1. DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes: by Wellness Mama

This awesome recipe contains almond or olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax, all natural ingredients with great antioxidant and natural protectants. Red raspberry oil, essential oils and vanilla will leave you smelling great while taking those sun baths.

Get the recipe here

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2. DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes: by DIY Naturals

This recipe combines natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba, sunflower and sesame oils along with naturally scented essential oils, vitamin E and zinc oxide.

You might even find yourself using this one as a body butter.

Get the recipe here

3. DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes: by The Coconut Mama

via Coconut Mama

This DIY sunscreen recipe is made with four simple ingredients, raspberry seed oil, carrot oil, non-nano zinc oxide and virgin coconut oil. This one should leave a rich layer that not only protects your skin but leaves you smelling awesome.

Get recipe here

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4. DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes: by Simple Life Mom

Now if you’re looking for a DIY natural sunscreen recipe that is convenient and comes in spray form, then this recipe is what you’re seeking. It is liquefied to be easily applied using a small spray bottle, rivaling its chemical counterparts you find on store shelves.

Get recipe here

5. DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes: by Dr. Axe

This recipe uses some pomegranate oil to add a more fruity, sweet kick, plus nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

Get recipe here

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