Mushrooms Are Low in Calories. Here are 11 Mushroom Recipes You Must Try

Mushrooms are so good for you. So good, in fact, that people have been using mushroom recipes as medicine for a long time! Almost every ancient civilization around the world has used mushrooms for their incredible healing properties!

Mushrooms, for starters, are packed with tons of nutrients including B vitamins, selenium, potassium, copper and vitamin D! That’s a lot of amazing benefits, and that’s only the beginning! Even though most edible mushrooms are commonly white, they’re filled with just as many antioxidants as colorful fruits and veggies.

Mushrooms have also been found to give impressive immune-boosting benefits! A study at the University of Florida found that when you eat shiitake mushrooms every day, your immunity improves immensely. And, it improves in a way that’s not found in any currently available pharmaceutical drugs. Talk about the power of nature! Mushrooms have even been also been found to contain anti-inflammatory power!

I think I’ve made my case pretty clear on the importance of eating mushrooms. If you’re interested in trying them yourself, check out this awesome list of mushroom recipes you must try:

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1. Creamy Mushroom Pasta


There’s something about a pasta recipe starting with the word creamy that gets my mouth watering. I love pasta more than I’d care to admit, and this pasta is high on my favorites list! This amazing recipe has become a staple in my house, and I’m hoping it will become one in yours too. So simple, this creamy dish will cure all your winter blues!

2. Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto

This risotto recipes is one of the simplest I’ve ever found; trust me on that. The ingredients cook right in your pressure cooker with no stirring or fuss! It comes out perfectly every time! Rich and creamy sauce, loaded with spinach, peas, Parmesan and, of course, delicious mushrooms!

All you need to do is saute your mushrooms, then add in your rice and liquid. Shut the lid and you’re good to leave it as the pressure cooker does all the work for you! Real risotto - zero effort needed! What’s better than that?

3. Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Mushrooms


Whoo! There’s nothing I like more than a mushroom recipe that involves garlic! These two ingredients are just one of those pairings that were made for each other. They compliment each other perfectly in this recipe. The garlic butter soaks right into the mushrooms, and the best part is: You can save on dish washing by eating straight off the pan with a fork! A simple, yet flavorful mushroom recipe.

4. Black Barley with Mushroom Broth

My favorite thing about mushroom recipes is the complete simplicity of them. I mean, other than the occasional chopping or sauteing, all you need to do is let the mushrooms soak up all the flavors. Same goes for this one.

Place your barley in a bowl of cold water for at least 12 hours. Drain it, but keep the liquid, then boil your barley, mushroom stems and bay leaves in a large saucepan for about an hour and a half. Take out the mushrooms and bay leaves and discard them.

This is only a taste of the recipe, if you want the rest, click the link below:

5. Quinoa Burger


You’ve got sweet potato as a natural binder, quinoa for a ton of protein, and meaty mushrooms for delicious depth. This veggie burger beats out every burger (veggie or otherwise) in the frozen foods aisle! This recipe will give you 3 patties, and they’ll last you at least 3 days when covered and chilled, so feel free to make them ahead of time.

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6. Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms

First things first with this recipe: don’t salt the mushrooms as they cook. I know, sounds crazy, but the Teriyaki sauce you’ll be adding later will add plenty to the meal. All you’ve got to do is cook your mushrooms in a medium skillet until tender and golden brown. Add a little water, toss the mushrooms in the skillet for a couple more minutes, and then transfer them to a bowl of teriyaki sauce. Easy as that.

7. White Mushroom Pizza


A classic, American, two-cheese pizza. Loaded up with mushrooms, and don’t be afraid to add some more cheese to the mix. I know I do! This incredible pizza is topped with garlic herb sauteed mushrooms, which, as I said before, are a match made in heaven taste-wise. The best part about this recipe, and other mushroom recipes, is that they’re all healthy for you! Who knew pizza could have so many health benefits! It’s amazing!

8. Ricotta, Kale, & Mushroom Toast

This time, you’ll be cooking wild mushrooms. Paired with their soulmate, sliced garlic in olive oil (Have you figured out how much I love garlic and mushrooms yet?). Add some kale leaves and Fresno chile to taste. When all is said and done, and you spread it onto toasted country-style bread, your whole world will get turned upside down. Such a unique and tantalizing flavor with every bite!

9. Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Hazelnuts


Meaty mushrooms combined with crunchy hazelnuts and creamy Parmesan will have going back for seconds immediately. This spaghetti recipe goes especially well with a big green salad on the side! The really cool thing about this recipe is its flexibility.

You can chop up some walnuts or almonds if you’re not a fan of hazelnuts or have none on hand. I know, I know, I shouldn’t suggest switching out mushrooms for the sake of this list, but if you have none available, you can use roasted squash in their place. I know once you give this recipe a try you’ll be saving it for future meals!

10. Cream of Mushroom Soup

No cans needed! You’ll be mixing up your very own batch of cream of mushroom soup this time. And, I can guarantee that if you make it through this recipe you’ll never go back to that condensed soup in a can. This is a huge upgrade to what you can find in stores.

This recipe works best with a variety of mushrooms, but if you’re going to choose just one, I’d go with crimini. This mushroom has more flavor than the others. You won’t be sorry.

11. Chicken & Dumplings with Mushrooms


Mushroom recipes come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve given you a few of those different recipes, and here’s another: This stew will become the new dinner entree for most of your meals after the first time you make it. You’ve got chicken that’s falling off the bone, dumplings soaked in so much flavor they’re practically to die for, and then mushrooms that tie everything together in an unbelievable richness that cannot be beat.

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