16 Tasty Keto Soup Recipes To Keep You Cosy While Shedding Those Pounds

Soup is great low-carb food - especially when you’re using keto soup recipes. Quick and easy to prepare and they can be made with pretty much anything, which makes them great for using leftovers. Use the recipes below as we wrote them, or make them your own by using what you have on hand. Your imagination and taste buds set the limits when it comes to experimenting with seasonings, spices, and herbs.


1. Chicken Avocado Lime Soup

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Keto soup recipes are definitely a new favorite for me. It’s basically just avocado amped up tortilla soup. It is seriously loaded with avocado, as in about 1/2 an avocado per serving of soup. I love tortilla soup and lately, I’m obsessed with avocados so this is just meant to be. If you want to keep this soup healthy then just omit the optional toppings, which I think that’s the way it’s intended to be but sometimes I just can’t resist.

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2. Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

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This Greek Lemon Chicken Soup is cozy, healthy, and loaded with Greek flavors like garlic, earthy olive oil, and feta cheese. The little orbs of pearl couscous and morsels of cheese swirl to the surface with every spoonful. A sight that lifts the spirit and warms the belly. One of the keto soup recipes on this list to really make you feel cozy.

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3. Thai Chicken Zoodle Soup

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This paleo and low carb Thai Chicken Soup with Zucchini Noodles is one of the more comforting and delicious keto soup recipes. It’s easy to make and only takes 20 minutes from start to finish! If you simply want to make this soup without a spiralizer, you can. Just julienne your zucchini into long thin strips or into matchsticks. They may not be all spirally but it will still taste great!

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4. Creamy Cauliflower Soup

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This soup is so tasty! I love cauliflower. I’m a fan of the texture and taste but I also love how inexpensive it is. This cauliflower soup is super cheap to make and is so healthy. It’s gluten-free, vegetarian, clean and paleo. It hardly takes any time to make and makes a big pot full. Perfect soup for surviving a cold night. And a long week.

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5. Cream of Zucchini Soup

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Only five ingredients (not counting salt and pepper) is all it takes to make this quick, easy, delicious cream of zucchini soup that will have your mouth watering! Keto soup recipes are always so much easier to make than people think, and this recipe is no exception! It takes less than 30 minutes start to finish, and one large bowl is only 60 calories!

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6. Creamy Garlic Chicken Soup

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To prepare the creamy garlic chicken soup, heat butter in a saucepan and add the shredded chicken. Once the chicken is warmed and coated in butter, add the cream cheese to the pot and mix as it melts over medium heat. Next, chicken broth and a bit of heavy cream get added in and brought to a boil. Just reduce the heat to low and simmer for several minutes to finish it off. Done! So easy!

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7. Crockpot Chicken Stew

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This is the easiest crockpot chicken stew recipe! Thick and creamy low carb, keto chicken stew made right in the crockpot! This is truly a dump and allows your crock pot to all of the work for your recipe! The perfect healthy comfort food packed with flavor. One of my favorite keto soup recipes!

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8. Chicken Taco Soup

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Slow cooker (low carb) chicken taco soup - you’ll never miss the carbs! This keto soup recipes is great! Chicken, diced tomatoes and green chiles, cream cheese, southwestern seasoning, ranch seasoning and chicken broth. So easy and tastes amazing! You can add beans if you aren’t watching your carbs. I love to freeze leftovers for a quick meal later. Talk about yum!

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9. Slow-Cooker Zuppa Toscana Soup

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Skip the trip to your local restaurant and make a batch of this insanely delicious copycat soup! It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it’s made low carb! Perfect for a low carb and keto-friendly lifestyle! So what makes this soup low carb? Substitute the diced potatoes for fresh cauliflower florets. Keto soup recipes can be made from any of your favorite restaurant dishes.

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10. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Soup

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Buffalo Chicken Soup perfectly turns the delicious flavor of buffalo chicken wings into soup form. It’s so amazing! Even better, this Skinny Buffalo Chicken Soup recipe has so much flavor and none of the calories. Eating in a healthy way doesn’t have to mean you skip the flavor. I love this skinny soup recipe!

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11. Low Carb Goulash Soup

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Cold nights just got a little warmer with this keto soup recipes. Once you’ve experienced the complex, gentle spices and rich textures in this low-carb version of the traditional Hungarian shepherd’s dish, you’ll always know where to turn on a chilly evening. Hearty. comforting. And oh-so easy.

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12. Broccoli & Leek Soup

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This low-carb soup is the “little black dress” of meals. It can go anywhere and do anything. It can be a lunch or a dinner, an entrée or an appetizer. And it loves, loves, loves extra accoutrements, like cheese chips! Here’s a tip: Add different herbs and spices to the cheese mounds for different flavor profiles.

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13. Low Carb Pumpkin Soup

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Sure, they’re fun as jack-o’-lanterns – but, come on, give pumpkins their due. Nothing makes an autumn soup more comforting and warming than the flesh of this iconic harvest superstar. And low carb? Of course! Settle in with a bowl and watch the ghosts of a chilly fall evening fade away. One of my favorite keto soup recipes for the upcoming autumn months.

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14. Low Carb Turkey Soup With Cilantro Butter

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So comforting and luscious. And simply bursting with Asian flavors. This is a bowl of soup like no other. Top it with a bright cilantro butter, and prepare to settle into true low-carb satisfaction. You can also use low sodium chicken stock instead of water, sub some heavy cream for a small part of the coconut milk, leave out the green/yellow pepper but add additional green beans. So delicious!

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15. Keto No-Noodle Chicken Soup

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Made with healing bone broth, this keto chicken no-noodle soup with healthy cabbage is warm and comforting when it’s cold outside, when you’re fighting a cold, or you just crave a hearty soup! One of the greatest keto soup recipes that I could find for this list. You won’t regret giving this one a try.

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16. Keto Beef Ramen

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Noodle on this: spicy Asian noodle soup with noodles that aren’t noodles. Well, perhaps they are noodles, but they’re noodles without the carbs. For a flavorful keto take on this ramen-esque classic, dig into a tasty bowl with beef, broth, bok choy, and eggs. Plus noodles—sort of. One of my top keto soup recipes! Yum!

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