How to Clean Your Bra (The Right Way)

Ok. So we all have confessions. One of mine that I (unapologetically) will share with you right now is the fact that maybe I don’t know how to clean my bra the ”right” way. And if you’re like me you will probably remained wide eyed throughout this following insight on how to clean your bra properly. 

At least as mentioned in an article published by Good Housekeeping, one of the most common mistakes a person will make when cleaning their bra includes cleaning it after every wear, misdefining wear, storing without care, and worry about rotation (2017). 

All right. So let’s set the record straight. There is no ”one” way to clean your bra the right way. There are however multiple (and rather generation old techniques) that are bound to enlighten you. 

So without further a do let’s get down to business.

1. Wash your bra on delicate or gentle when in the wash.

Reason being is because washing machine cycles are based upon the speed of wash and spin cycles. Think about it. The slower the speed the easier your machine will be on those Victoria Secret lace undies! 

2. Choose your detergent wisely.

Whether you’re into eco-friendly brands or good old Tide Laundry, the detergent you use can either make or (literally) break your delicate lingerie over a period of time. Yes, we’re talking about ripping and those pesky little ”holes” that seem to appear at the worst possible time.

3. Washa Washa Washa (Wash Likewise Clothing)

This touches back on my previous point on wash cycles. When you throw all of your clothes together in one load you run the risk of uneven drying, tearing of the elastic, and even fading.

4. Air-dry

Let’s say that again now. Air-dry! Say it like your daily prayer and don’t think twice. 

You should always hang your bra or lay them flat to dry. As stated in an article published by MOD: ”Drying your bras in the dryer is one of the greatest mistakes women can make when laundering intimates. The best drying method for your bras is air-drying them. Using a dryer to dry your bras can be extremely harmful to your how to clean your bra.”

5. Opt for rinsing in the shower

You heard that right! Simply take your bra in the shower with you and wash away. Not only does this save time but it also saves water.

6. Place your bras in a mesh bag (if washing with other clothes)

Contrary to the previous . . . If you find yourself longing to just chuck everything in the washing machine be sure to place your bra(s) in a mesh bag to prevent tangling.

Tangling often occurs when your bra is simultaneously being washed with other items. Overtime this can lead to tears in the elastic and even ripping. 

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7. Know your rotation

Sometimes we wash (or wear) our bras more often than we should. The general rule is to have 4 bras to wear throughout the year, rotating them 90 - 100 times. So good news. All of that money your burning out on quality undergarments? You technically don’t need that many.

Additional Reference

Still confused? Don’t worry. For a more hands-on approach check out this video.

Plus you can check out this in-depth guide from A Better Fit on 101 Ways to Wear a Bralette after its all clean and ready to go.

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