7 Powerful Health Benefits of Celery Juice (Plus 5 Tasty Recipes)

Celery is one of the most nutritious plant foods available. We can consume it as a vegetable, but it can also be prepared as juice to get the maximum health benefits. 

The benefits of celery juice are practically endless. Researchers have proven that celery juice is rich in almost all the necessary nutrients and regular intake can help us get a large number of health benefits. Read on to learn 7 powerful health benefits of celery juice (plus 5 tasty recipes you can make).

1. Lowers Cholesterol

One of the greatest benefits of celery juice is its natural ability to lower cholesterol in our body. Celery is a rich source of antioxidants, so regular consumption can lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body (Source). It also boosts the secretion of bile, which is helpful in lowering cholesterol as well.

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2. Controls Blood Pressure

If you drink at least one glass of celery juice each day, your blood pressure will be leveled and under control (Source). Celery naturally diminishes the secretion of stress hormones which relaxes the muscles around blood vessels. This leaves room for dilated blood to flow through them smoothly without excess pressure.

3. Prevents Digestive Disorders

Celery juice has great potential to cure a various amount of digestive disorders. One of the benefits of celery juice is that it contains a lot of fiber which virtually turns the plant into a laxative. These fibers discharge certain nutrients as it’s turned into juice that prevent constipation (Source).

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Shedding extra weight is so much easier and hassle-free with the regular intake of celery juice. It’s extremely low in calories and surprisingly filling too, which keeps our appetite in check and helps you lose those unwanted pounds more successfully (Source).

5. Hydrates Skin

The benefits of celery juice goes further than just inside the body because it also hydrates your skin. The juice extracted is high in water as 95% of the plant is made up of the substance. Therefore, drinking celery juice regularly fulfills your daily requirements of water and keep your skin cells hydrated. Soft and supple skin from here on out (Source).

6. Anti-Inflammatory

Another spectacular benefit of celery juice is it’s anti-inflammatory skills. Celery juice is highly anti-inflammatory because celery holds an organic compound known as poly-acetylene, which inhibits inflammation in bone diseases like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. (Source)

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7. Overall Hair Care

I’ve already mentioned that one of the benefits of celery juice is its high water content. Fun fact: that’s great for your hair. It’s also chock-full of vitamin A, which is also great for hair care. Celery juice is known to stimulate growth and improve your hair’s texture. So, if you want lush and beautiful hair, consider a daily intake of celery juice (Source). 

If you’re convinced that you need celery juice in your life and want all the amazing benefits that come with it, here’s five delicious celery juice recipes:

5 Tasty Celery Juice Recipes

1. Celery Ginger Juice

If you’re ready to enjoy all those amazing benefits of celery juice, then this is a great recipe to start with. When you pair a whole heart of celery with some fresh cucumber, lemon, ginger, and a green apple to sweeten the taste, you’ll want to drink that juice all day every day. A great starter to get used to drinking celery juice everyday.

2. Good Digestion Celery Juice

If you’re looking for something to cure your digestion problems, look no further. This homemade green juice is made for good digestion because celery, cucumber, orange, and lemons come together to really kick your digestion into high gear. This powerfully nutritious juice is great for restoring digestive balance, and even preventing sickness.

3. Nutritious Celery Juice 

The benefits of celery juice are endless because celery provides the dietary fiber bulk that your body requires for low-calorie weight loss. Since potassium and vitamins in celery makes it a little taste neutral, this recipe recommends you add an apple or pear to add sweetness and a more palatable appeal.

4. Spinach-Cucumber-Celery Juice

Since one of the benefits of celery juice isn’t that it has a powerful taste, it allows the spinach and cucumber flavors to shine. So much wonderful nutrition inside this juice: Calcium, iron, and potassium are just a few of the benefits of this delicious recipe.

5. Carrot, Apple & Celery Juice

One of the greatest benefits of celery juice is just how easy it is to make because all you need to do is simply cut and wash the veggies and toss them in your juicer. This healthy recipe - like most of the recipes on this list - is organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly and contain no artificial sugars or ingredients.

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