The Effortless Messy Bun How-To and Its Healthy Hair Benefits

Okay, so having long hair is nice and all but there’s something uniquely satisfying about having your hair out of your face and on top of your head sometimes. It can create an immediate get-it-done attitude and can oftentimes can help you take on the day with your hair all tucked away in one place.

In recent years, the “messy bun” has become the go-to hairstyle for a lot of women to take on those days when you want to still look good but don’t have as much time to give to your hair. It’s become a look many of us wish we could master but its popularity has altered it into a full-blown multi-step fancy hairstyle too precise for it to be what it was intended to be - effortless.

But fear not, the effortless messy bun does exist! Just grab two elastic hair bands, and a few bobby pins and let’s get started.

Curly Hair Problems?

This in-depth tutorial will help…

1. Go High

The messy bun isn’t for freshly washed hair, it’s for one-day-old hair or longer. Feel free to grab dry shampoo such as this one from Batiste to add texture and give a bit of a spritz to your hair before going for it. 

Then give your hair a brush (especially upside down) before grabbing your first hair band and putting your hair up in a high ponytail. I’m talking an Ariana Grande high-pony on the back of the top of your head.

2. Do The Twist

Once you have a high pony nice and tight on the top of your head, go ahead and twist it and wrap it around the base of the pony-tail into a bun. Grab your second hair band and use it to fasten the bun in place, creating a fairly even, neat bun.

3. Loosen Up

To add some volume and edginess to the classic ballerina-type bun you have going on, take the roots of your hair not wrapped in a bun and slowly and gently start to move them away from the bun. Start with the front and then move to the sides until you’re happy with how it looks.

Next, you also want to mess around with the bun itself, loosing up sections that were originally tightened by the hair bands to achieve that “woke up like this” yet elegant look.

4. Finishing Touches

Everyone’s hair is different so at this stage it could be the perfect messy bun or a straggly mess. Come in with your bobby pins and complete the look by either fastening loose bits of your bun to your head or pin up the short layers peeking down in the back. You can also go in with hairspray or a hair texturizer to keep the bun in place if you wish.

If it feels to far gone the first time, don’t sweat it. This messy bun is so quick and easy that if you give it three tries it will take you five minutes at most to master.

A Healthy Hair Habit

Getting the hang of this effortless messy bun will not only save you time and have you looking stylish, it’s also healthy for your hair.

Washing your hair every day and using styling products such as hair curlers, straighteners, conditioners, etc. isn’t recommended by hair stylists.

Using shampoo on your hair daily strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it drier and drier every day, thus drying out your scalp. If your hair is colored, washing it often will make it fade faster and will cost you more in the long run. It also could cause more split ends and product buildup as well.

So skipping a daily wash and replacing it with some messy bun days can really improve the health of your hair in the long run. It’s not only a cute style to wear but an effective one to keep your hair happy in the long run.

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