Whoever Said LA is Mostly Vegan Was Lying! But These 5 Vegan Restaurants Are All Facts

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I’m sure you have heard it before, “The gals and dudes of LA are mostly vegan, and all they eat are tofu salads and kombucha probiotic drinks!”

This is what we’re led to believe as outsiders who view LA as the epitomy of healthy living and lifestyle. While I must say this city is indeed a breath of “fresh” air when it comes to its embracing of nature and the outdoors, it is by no means “mostly vegan.”

How do I know this, you might ask?

When I arrived in this starlet town I got my first job at a catering company. They cater all the big names all over the city and the world, from Netflix to Spotify, Tinder, Giphy, GOAT, NFL and the list goes on.

Every day the orders came in my mouth fell further and further to the ground as I saw endless trays of BBQ Beef Ribs, Chicken entrees, Salmon entrees and Pork entrees being ordered by thousands of people. My years of being fed the LA vegan town bullshit came crashing like a major pile up on the 405 (a major interstate here in Cali for those not familiar).

Ironically, one of LA’s biggest restaurant chains is In N’ Out, a place that only serves up beef filled burger buns, so how has the perception of LA as vegan central become so mainstream?

You see, with LA being branded since the beginning of time as a place for the stars, a place where stars are fit, thin and in shape, the image portrayed by the media, locals and visitors alike has to highlight this farce.

If you go to Instagram and type in #LA you’ll get an endless stream of sunset-filled skies, palm trees, skateboards, beaches and…the ever-present modelesque figure sporting shorts, a crop top with a smoothie, salad, acai bowl or the latest slim tea trend.

So, of course as an outsider looking in, you are forced to believe the made-up story that Los Angeles only caters to vegans and if you’re a carnivore you’ll be ridiculed.

So I say all that to say this, if you’re a meat lover thinking of visiting or moving to LA you’ll be just as at home if you’re moving from a meat lover’s paradise like Tennessee. Los Angeles is not just a vegan’s heaven.

However, there is some truth to all that faux vegan lifestyle as LA has some of the best vegan restaurants in the country. Not only are the reviews great but they also have some of the best tasting vegan food you’ll ever have.

LA has always boasted an interesting vegan and vegetarian food scene, despite MOST of its people being “meat-lovers,” and today we’ll give you our top five.

Looking for awesome vegan recipes?

We have some that might help…

The Best Vegan Restaurants in LA


via Satdha

Smacked on Lincoln Boulevard in the beach side enclave of Santa Monica, Satdha is not only vegan but also Thai. Now that is a combo we can all cheer.

Boasting over 600 reviews with 4.5 stars on Yelp and other review sites, Satdha serves delicious dishes like Fresh Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Drizzle or Fried Catfish Eggplant with Red Curry Paste. Now doesn’t that sound divine.

One review states, “I’m not a vegan but definitely trying to eat healthier and not eat meat and dairy. I travel to Thailand quite a bit and can say that the flavors are authentic and delicious! Another thing I like here is that the food is “clean” and not greasy, which is something I’m apprehensive about when it comes to some Asian food.

If you’re a Thai food lover and steering away from red meat, Satdha is worth a try.

Crossroads Kitchen

via Go Dairy Free

Google this restaurant and you’re suddenly met with 732 reviews adding up to a review score of 4.5. Now that is an impressive feat for any restaurant in today’s fickle society.

Crossroads Kitchen prices are very reasonable with an average dinner entree costing around $18.

One reviewer states, “The food is delicious and tasty. I have food allergies so I find it difficult to eat good tasty food when allergic to gluten, soy, corn, sesame, and nightshade. The menu is accommodating to gluten free and the staff made sure the food would not contain any allergen.

Crossroads Kitchen is located on the popular Melrose Avenue hipstrip, making it convenient for visitors and locals alike.

Veggie Grill

via Veggie Grill

This fast-growing vegan food chain is quickly becoming the McDonalds of vegan fast food here in LA. With numerous locations across the city and its suburbs, Veggie Grill is one of the go-to spots for vegan and even non-vegans who want a quick meal.

Serving up everything from burgers, to hot dogs, taco salads and hot chicken sandwiches, you’re in for a mouthwatering treat at this locale.

Gracias Madre

via Mina Oh

Mexican food is very easy on a vegan diet as it is mostly made up of fresh fruits, herbs and spices. LA’s Mexican vegan eatery, Gracias Madre does just that, serving up awesome Mexican spice filled dishes.

Started by Executive Chef, Chandra Gilbert in San Francisco in 2009, Gracias Madre’s Melrose Avenue location was opened in 2014.

With over 3,600 reviews on Yelp and a total review score of 4, it’s safe to say Gracias Madre lives up to the hype and is definitely somewhere to consider on your vegan trek around the city.

by Chloe

via Eat by Chloe

Located in the hip Silver Lake district of East LA, by Chloe is a vegan New York import located right beside a popping 365 by Whole Foods store, they even have a location in London, UK.

Serving up delectable treats such as burgers, meatball sandwiches, and smoothies, by Chloe will become your favorite vegan spot in no time.

One reviewer states: “One of the best burgers in Los Angeles. Great vegetarian food which is super yummy. Wonderful staff and ambiance. Move over fast food meat lovers- this one is the real deal!

So if you’re looking to get out of the normal tourist hot spots like Hollywood and Santa Monica, taking a short drive out ot Silver Lake will be worth it.

Looking for more LA vegan fare? You can also check out @vegoutlosangeles or @losvegangeles on Instagram, you will definitely find something off the beaten path there.

Welcome to a “vegan” LA!

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