7 Important Interview Questions That Are Sure to Impress

Interviewing for a new job position can be pretty nerve-racking. The job market is competitive already, so making it through the doors to shake a couple of hands is a massive accomplishment.

In preparation for an interview, most consider the questions you will be asked by your potential next employer. However, there’s one important one you should definitely consider. At the end of a typical interview, you will be asked: “Do you have any questions for us?” How you answer is actually pretty important.

Using the opportunity to decide what you will ask them, can leave a strong final impression, generate insightful responses and put you in a great position as a potential member of their team.

So take a look at these seven interview questions to ask during your next interview. Implementing some of these into your interview will act as icing on the cake when it comes time to dazzle your employers-to-be!

1. What does an average day look like here?

Asking this at the end of an interview is a great way to show further interest in the position you’ve applied for to those you are meeting with. It means you want to learn about the specifics of position and really understand the nitty-gritty of what it will entail. It indicates how detail-oriented you are and will give you some insight into the position that they otherwise might have skipped over.

 2. What do you love about working here?

This question emulates how personable you are and the unique interest you have in finding passion in your work. People spend their days working towards a goal with a company, so when you ask a question like this, it will show them that your interest lies in producing work that matters. It will also give you a sense of the energy of the company, for example, if it’s a difficult question for them to answer, you might want to look elsewhere.

3. How would you describe the company’s culture?

When getting in bed with a new company, sometimes we can be so focused on getting a “yes” and not focus enough on if it’s a good fit. Once you get hired at a company, the culture of the office can have a great effect on your work, mindset, interest and mental health. Showing interest in this aspect of a company shows that you want to make an effort find your place within it and are a natural team player.

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4. How long have you been here?

Getting to know the background of your future employer/supervisor is really important information to gather during an interview. You may never get another chance to have them in front of you in this way and get to ask these questions. This one is a great choice because it gives you an idea on both the longevity of the position and the quality of a potential mentor to you. Allowing time within your interview to show that you are figuring out what is right for you, instead of just pleasing in hopes of getting hired, shows that you’re a competitive choice.

5. What qualities have you noticed in those who have been successful here?

Finding out the expectations for a new job prospect in an interview puts you in a perfect position going forward. Getting this conversation out in the open early in your professional relationship is a great way to get those you are meeting with comfortable with you. By following up with examples, stories, or enthusiasm about what they say to this, they will feel more at peace with you compared to other candidates.

6. What plans do you have for growth?

A forwarding-thinking employee is one to look out for, especially for managers and supervisors who are always looking for input and ways to grow. Asking this question will show that you have strong values for the company you work for to keep developing. Employers love hard workers who will help propel their company forward. By bringing this up, you will have an advantage over those who don’t show interest about the future in an interview.

7. Are there opportunities in this position to move up?

Typically, recruiters actually don’t like hiring new people. It requires a lot of coordination, extra time to get other work done, increased risk of turnover and a LOT of resumes and cover letters to sift through. So when companies interview people, chances are they are looking for candidates who will stay and apply for more prestigious positions when they need to be filled. Showing your immediate interest in taking on more in the future and investing more time into the company, makes you an especially great option for them.

Remember, interviews aren’t really supposed to be Q&A sessions, they should be an informative conversation between the supervisor and the candidate to decide if you would be a good fit for their position. You may not have control over the questions you are asked during an interview. However, you can prepare how you are going to make a lasting impression by asking some intelligent questions to them that will bring out your exceptional interest and qualities!

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