15 Healthy Crockpot Recipes You Will Be Eating for Days

If you can’t afford a live-in chef, a crockpot is your next best option. And, I know, healthy crockpot recipes tend to involve a tiny bit of prep. Aside from a little searing and seasoning, they do most of the cooking themselves, and you will have food for days! What’s better than that? So, here are 15 healthy crockpot recipes to make you spend less time in the kitchen.

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1. Slow-Cooker Braised Beef in Baked Potatoes

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Tender braised beef is an amazingly perfect filling for baked potatoes. If you make this savory and filling meal in the morning, you can eat it for lunch and dinner throughout the week. The recipe is simple to follow and makes it easy to nail down.

2. Crockpot Thai Chicken

Tender, shredded chicken in tacos, sandwiches, lettuce wraps, or just eat it from a bowl. Green curry paste and lemongrass give this dish most of its flavor. Add a couple Thai chilis if you’re feeling brave enough to turn up the heat. This crock pot recipe is perfectly spiced and incredibly tender. One of my favorite healthy crockpot recipes.

3. Smokey Beanless Chili

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This gluten-free and paleo chili gets a bit of sweetness from the sweet potato and butternut squash. You can cook up a big pot and let the warmness move through you throughout winter. If you pack your leftovers correctly, this meal could last three months in the freezer.

4. Beef & Broccoli

This is one of the many healthy crockpot recipes that are perfect for family meals. This dish is super filling thanks to all broccoli and beef. You should try serving it over a bed of brown rice to really tie everything together. So easy to make, and so much better than takeout. Everything cooks right in the crockpot, sauce too!

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5. Tortellini Minestrone Soup

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My favorite thing about healthy crockpot recipes (and all crockpot recipes in general) is how they can take traditional recipes and put a nice twist on them. This soup is a filling comfort in a bowl thanks to the protein packed beans and veggies. And, if for some reason you don’t have a crockpot and you stumbled onto this list accidentally, this recipe includes a stove top method.

6. Kale & Turkey Meatball Soup

This recipe truly celebrates one pot slow cooker cooking. All you need to do is roll your turkey meatballs, give them a quick sear, cut out a few veggies, and then plop it all in the slow cooking pool. Now, you’re free to leave the house for a few hours while it cooks together. This is how cooking should always be.

7. Barbecue Lentil Chili

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This chili is a great, meatless way to curb those barbecue cravings. As for all these health crockpot recipes, this lentil chili is packed with flavor and easy to make. A hearty, yet healthy vegan chili that’s made with a few easy ingredients. A fiber and protein rich meal that will feed plenty for days.

8. Quinoa Chicken Primavera

This spring slow-cooker recipe has everything you could want: fresh spring veggies, quinoa, cheese, garlic, and chicken! So, here’s the thing with this recipe: it cooks really fast. Not the one to leave on all day at work. The whole thing can be ready in three or four hours with the crockpot on low! Try starting when you get home from work, maybe take a walk, and then return to find that dinner is virtually made.

9. Lemon-Feta Chicken Drumsticks


Light and citrusy, these Mediterranean chicken wings pair well with a delicious, sauteed greens. This chicken dish is so easy. Only five ingredients not counting salt and pepper. Basically, all you need to do is season the drumsticks with lemon, oregano and spices, and then toss them in the crockpot to slow cook. Top with grated feta at the end and done!

10. Slow-Cooker Oatmeal

The great thing about this oatmeal is that you can let it cook in your crockpot overnight, so it’s ready to eat when you wake up. Perfect for those days when you’re just too tired to cook some breakfast first thing in the morning. This easy crockpot recipe is made with real steel cut oats to get the rich nutrients.

11. Sausage, Apples, & Fennel

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Wow, one of my favorite healthy crockpot recipes to make for the weekend. These Germa-inspired apples and sausages taste great with a cold pint of beer. The creator of this recipes recommends quickly boiling the sausages before putting them in the crockpot.

12. Greek Chicken Gyros

Firstly, these are WAY better than takeout. These crockpot Greek gyros are loaded with so much flavor. Juicy chicken, delicious toppings, and served in a soft and fluffy pita bread. And, thanks to plenty of different toppings, this is a meal that everyone at the table can enjoy. This is one of the healthy crockpot recipes that I recommend greatly.

13. Slow-Cooker Sweet Potatoes

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Here’s an easy way to cook a bunch of baked sweet potatoes at once without having to turn your oven on. Just place the sweet potatoes in the crockpot, put the lid on, and turn it on. The cooking time depends on the size of your sweet potatoes. You can usually smell when sweet potatoes are done. So delicious and give you time to do other things as they cook.

14. Low-Carb Lasagna

This amazing recipe switches out noodles with eggplant to the carb count. This healthy, gluten-free, crockpot recipe makes delicious comfort food that won’t make you feel guilty. Cheesy. saucy, low-carb, and protein-packed, this crockpot veggie lasagna is crowd-pleasing way to serve vegetables. You won’t regret making this one.

15. Beef & Sweet Potato Stew

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Beef stew is always a good idea, especially when the weather is getting colder, and that simple fact is especially true of this super simple crockpot dinner. Crockpot beef stew is full of flavor and it is so easy to throw together. The melt in your mouth sweet potato matched with fall-apart, tender beef is so mouthwatering I can hardly stand it.

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