Ready to Give Up On Instagram? Not Just Yet, Here are 30 Lifestyle Bloggers That Will Change Your Mind

Early Saturday morning. The sun is shining. The morning doves are cooing their happy tunes. The neighborhood is sleepy but all is different in your own household.

Minutes pass and you find yourself scrolling through instead.

Above: from @booksundays

Social media, through the eyes of many, is arguably seen as a place that, while portraying moments of joy and friendship, also exhumes wealth, jealousy, and narcissism. Why does one post a picture of their holiday to the Bahamas? Why does one feel impacted by it? Does the receiving end feel happy for the other person? Or do we find ourselves feeling (discreetly) jealous?

Regardless of the case, sometimes social media can be an amazing thing when we come across profiles like @silkreads and @booksundays.Tilting your head to the side? I’ll let you in on a little secret: for the most part these ladies are lifestyle bloggers. But if anything they’re lifesavers to someone like you who needs a little interior or intellectual inspiration.

When I first discovered accounts like these I found myself feeling more forgiving towards platforms like Instagram. In the past, I would log in and find myself scrolling past numerous selfies and the infamous ”coffee cup snapshot.” The content was the same. The intent was, arguably, the same. Sharing one’s status. Sharing one’s location . . .

But now days, at various points during my sessions, I come face to face with an overwhelming amount of creativity.

It was an old set of TV trays from the garage that I recovered from the dust and cobwebs, painted a metallic copper, and deemed my ”plant station” after taking note of a similar picture from a lifestyle blogger.

They, too, seemed to be into thrifting as well. And it wasn’t until that moment that I realized these individuals were using social media as a means to spread the word that yes, Instagram can also be used as a discussion board and place for community, not popularity.

So whether you’re into true vintage, old (yet) modern production pieces, or books, the following list of lifestyle bloggers are bound to breath new life into your living room and life.

The Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow

Due to the high volume of images I highly suggest checking out each profile individually to get a grasp on the full quality of these talented individuals.

  1. @thereaderandthechef
  2. @thanksalatteblog
  3. @itsminniekim
  4. @eka.udaltsova
  5. @veter.s.severra
  6. @crimeofrhyme
  7. @dosesofcalm
  8. @booksundays
  9. @bethsbookshelf
  10. @thecosyreader
  11. @thefictionfaery
  12. @booksandpeonies
  13. @black.tea.books
  14. @cofe_vs
  15. @lewisombler
  16. @bookishkaren
  17. @ealinette
  18. @stefiereads
  19. @biblophile.belle
  20. @silkreads
  21. @thebiblothque
  22. @talesfortay
  23. @outofthebex
  24. @scytheandpen
  25. @loriimagination
  26. @cfeecup
  27. @piesnprose
  28. @_yestreen_
  29. @katty_vesta
  30. @bookstolivby
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