Ever Heard of Bike Tours? Here are 7 Interesting Ways To Try It Out

bike tours

If you’ve never heard of bike tours before, they’re a great way to transform how you see your destination. Rather than simply rushing through, bike tours give you tons of time to notice those special, small details.

Once you and your group make it to the destination, you’ll most likely be greeted with fabulous lodging, meals, and equipment. No matter what your level of biking is, the tour provider will trail behind you with a support vehicle.

In other words, if you’re more of the stop-and-linger type on vacations, you have nothing to worry about! Feel free to leave the group for a bit and snap that perfect picture! Keep reading to check out these 7 interesting bike tours around the world!

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1. Connemara, Mayo & Galway Safari

via cyclingsafaris.com

Provided by Cycling Safaris, this eight-day tour round-trip is between 22-38 miles per day over rolling terrain. Again, I know that sounds like a ton of biking, but with all the times you’ll be stopping along the way for pictures, you won’t even notice the length!

The bike routes in this rugged area of west Ireland are away from all those main tourist spots, so you’ll be able to really enjoy the beautiful landscape at your own pace. You’ll get seven nights accommodation with full Irish breakfast; one evening meal; a bike rental; a guide in a support van’ luggage transfers; the list goes on and on! For full details on this spectacular bike tour, click the link below.

2. Tasmania East Coast Tour

Departing from St. Helens, you’ll begin winding through the coastal roads towards Bichero, and maybe-just before you arrive- you’ll get a chance to see, and even feed, Tasmanian devils! There will be other destinations and distractions along the way as well. Things like wineries, coastal fishing towns, white sand beaches, and the granite mountains of Freycinet National Park.

For moderate to advanced cyclists, there’s an average of about 23-38 miles per day. There’s six nights’ accommodation; some breakfasts; picnic-style lunches, snacks, and drinks! Check out the link for all the info you’ll need.

3. Vermont & New York State

via gosojourn.com

Located between the Adirondack Mountains and the beautiful Green Mountains, Lake Champlain is one of the largest lakes in the United States (behind all the Great Lakes). The tours begin late-June and go on until mid-October, so get ready for bike routes ablaze in fall colors!

For the most part, these bike tours are perfect for intermediate bikers, however, there are a variety of routes that are offered for more recreational and advanced cyclists. If you book this tour, you’ll get five nights of lodging (historic inns and a lakeside resort); all meals besides three lunches and one dinner; van support; and even a cruise across Lake Champlain! Hurry and claim your booking!

4. Catalonia, Spain

Get ready to dine on freshly caught seafood, experience delectable Catalan cuisine, and marvel the Mediterranean views while you cycle from Barcelona. You’ll even bike through the foothills of the Pyrenees to visit Salvador Dali’s castle!

Generously, Backroads (the trip provider) designs their tours to suit all abilities, so you can bike the 18-55 miles per day however you like. Just choose a path and ride. You’ll be provided with the usual inclusions: five nights accommodation; breakfasts, lunches, and dinners; as well as wine tastings baggage transfers!

5. United States

via trektravel.com

How does 3,750 miles of mesmerizing highlights throughout the U.S. over 45 days sound? The trip, which is provided by the same company that makes the well-praised Trek bicycles, Trek Travel, starts in Portland, Oregon and ends in Portland, Maine. Beaches, shopping, and a seemingly-endless amount of historical site visits make this an unforgettable trip!

Before you complete your booking, Trek Travel will interview you to ensure you’re prepared for such a strenuous journey. The skill level is varied but pretty intense. There’s 44 nights’ accommodation; all breakfasts; six social hours; helmets; special events along stops; local guides; and so much more!

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6. South Dakota

Close your eyes and imagine this: pine forests, abandoned railroads, and the Old West town of Deadwood! Doesn’t that sound wondrous and peaceful? Well, it can be yours if you book this bike tour! Ride through the Black Hills, hike the base of Mount Rushmore, and visit the monument dedicated to Crazy Horse!

Compared to most of the other bike tours on this list, 15-32 miles per day over rolling terrain doesn’t seem too bad. Enjoy all that the blissful wilderness with five nights accommodation; all meals; bikes; helmets; tour support; and more!

7. Alaskan Adventure

via alaskabike.com

I know I just had you close your eyes before, but these last two are very peaceful locations, so please humor me. Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, towers above you at 20,000-plus feet!

You’ll also be riding along the Denali Highway, hiking, canoeing, and sea kayaking to provide you with alternate views of breathtaking Alaska! The glaciers, mountains, and wildlife are only words compared to seeing them in person! There’s even a glacier cruise across Prince William Sound.

This is the easiest of the bike tours with only 15-39 miles per day with an easy to moderate pace. Included are Anchorage-hotel transfers; seven nights’ lodging in cabins, inns, and hotels with meals and drink (except alcohol) included as well. Give your eyes a treat with this spectacular Alaskan Adventure!

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