15 Amazing Date Night Ideas for Your Spontaneous Boyfriend

Every relationship needs some spontaneous date night ideas to spice things up every now and then! Even if your relationship isn’t in dire need of some spontaneous spiciness, these date night ideas are so much fun to do. The key is to not be predictable. They can happen any night, and the plans are ALWAYS subject to change.

So, get ready to save your favorite date night ideas and surprise your spontaneous boyfriend for once. Watch the fireworks go off in his eyes as he looks at you after these amazing dates.

1. Dessert Tasting Experiment

Spontaneous date night ideas don’t always mean you have to go somewhere different. For this fun adventure, prepare or purchase your favorite desserts. Number them and have your special someone rate the desserts from “almost heaven” to “almost inedible”. It’s a great way to learn what desserts your partner really loves!

2. Impromptu Mini Golf

This is one of those date night ideas that we’ve all seen in the movies at one time or another. And there’s a good reason for that: It’s a lot of fun! Send your boyfriend a text that says, “Meet me at (insert address or name of business) for a fun night of competition.” Play a fun, competitive game of miniature golf and come up with a fun prize for the winner.

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3. Rent a Bicycle Built for Two

I’m a pushover for that old-school, too-adorable-to-look-at date night ideas, and this one is a classic! Rent a bicycle built for two and try to make this classic date come to life. It will definitely teach you how to work together, and you’ll probably enjoy a lot of giggles along the way too!

4. Last Minute Progressive Dinner

Quickly jot down your favorite local restaurants and head out when the hunger kicks in. Share an appetizer together at one local restaurant, then head to the next one for your main course. Choose a third restaurant for dessert and that will complete your progressive dinner!

5. Cooking Competition

Grab some random ingredients out of your pantry and fridge, place them on the counter and set a 30 minute timer. You and your partner go head-to-head to create the craziest, most beautiful, and tastiest dish in 30 minutes with those random ingredients. The results should be comically interesting! Maybe not the best, but the memories will be worth it!

6. Play 20 Questions

One of the simpler date night ideas. All you need is a pen and paper - or your smart phone! Jot down 20 questions to ask your partner about himself and your relationship (try to avoid questions with one word answers). Ask them to be absolutely honest and find out more and grow closer as a couple. Try to avoid questions that could stir an argument. Focus on funny memories that will make you both smile.

7. Plan a Picnic

Whether you’re heading to a park or even just your backyard, or why not sit by a fireplace if you have one; put down a blanket, get a spread of yummy snacks, a bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a lovely and low-cost date.

8. Find Local Festivities

Force the two of you to go to whatever cultural event or festival everyone is going to. Try to find the ones that you’ve deemed yourselves “too cool” to go to. Put on your tourist trousers and have a good time with your partner as you learn more about other cultures.

9. Sing Karaoke

Singing karaoke may be one of the more typical date night ideas, but take it one step further. Make it more of a challenge by actually picking difficult songs for each other to sing, or even choosing your favorite songs without feeling embarrassed to really belt out with all your heart.

10. Take a Dance Class

This is an especially appropriate one if one or both of you hate dancing. The key to spontaneous date night ideas is about embracing your awkwardness and kindling (or rekindling) intimacy, and doing it together. Search online for local instructors, and choose a dance that neither of you know and will enjoy learning together.

11. Taste Some Wine

This is an opportunity to enjoy far better wine than usual, while also learning something about it. Simply look online for any local wine-tastings happening in your area, and surprise your boyfriend with the trip. Drink some wine, learn a little, and laugh a lot.

12. Escape the Room

Escaping the room is something that may appeal to one or both of you, but for a date night I suggest you get locked up together - in a purpose-designed puzzle room. With clues which you will have to work out together in order to be released. This is a sure-fire bonding experience, as long as you DO escape, that is.

13. Have a Night at the Museum

I don’t mean watching those Ben Stiller movies, but spending time at your local museum or place of culture. This is a chance to see familiar rooms and objects - and each other - in an entirely new light. There are mini-festivals of cultural evening events all over the country. Look up if there are any happening near you.

14. Go to the Zoo

After-hours at the zoo can make a truly exotic date, as the sights and sounds are enhanced by the dusk and moody lighting - plus by the absence of screaming school trips. Themes and timings vary from venue to venue, but if you’re able to make this date night idea a reality, you’re in store for a truly memorable time.

15. Make Chocolates (Then Eat Them)

Giving chocolates to the one you love is a tried and trusted way to gain their affections. But, making chocolates together is more imaginative, more messy, and so much more romantic. I recommend finding a class to take together, but there are great classes online if you’d prefer more privacy.

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