9 Fabulous Vacation Spots for Your Next Budget Holiday

fabulous vacation spots

It is easy to let the fear of spending too much on a vacation stop you from making any travel plans and leave your paid vacation days sitting there, feeling useless.

It would be a shame to miss out on taking some time away to adventure out into the great wide somewhere even for a few days! Checking out of your routine for a little while is important for gaining perspective on your life, freeing your mind of constant worries of the future and saying yes to having fun!

Daydreaming of traveling when your older is truly a fool’s errand. Your young, the world is at your feet and it’s more than possible to budget a vacation to travel spots for less than you think.

Take a look at these unique vacation spots you might not have seen on your Instagram timeline. They are full of affordable activities to write home about and help you catch that travel bug!


Thailand - Blonde Abroad

via The Blonde Abroad

Say bon voyage to your responsibilities for a bit and visit the “land of smiles”! Similar to many vacation spots, you will dare through beautiful jungles, find solace in beautiful beaches and fall in love with the lively street food, but for far less money. You can nab a yummy bowl of Pad Thai during the day for around $2 and grab a trendy drink in the evening to join the buzzing nightlife there. Bangkok’s most famous landmark, Grand Palace is a must-see exquisite site with rich roots in Buddhist culture. Check out this full-time female traveler’s guide to Thailand on $20 a day.

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Crete, Greece

via Hanna Travels

Greece has been in a deep financial crisis for some time, thus making it the perfect time to pay a visit there to help boost their economy. In this vacation spot you will find Crete’s breathtaking beaches, stroll down old city streets, hiking Samaria Gorge and visits to the Birthplace of Zeus archeological site are relatively free to enjoy. There is a lot of amazing Greek food including Souvlaki, Baklava, plus affording a delicious gyro sandwich is as cheap and easy as finding a cheeseburger. Take a look at this traveler’s tips for visiting Crete for more inspiration.


cartagena, columbia

via Everywhere Please

Columbia’s reputation is often masked by its past connection with drug-trafficker Pablo Escobar, but it’s a common misconception that the country is unsafe. It’s brightly-colored old town is fun to explore. In this vacation spot you can climb the 16th-century fortress walls and enjoy the fantastic paella, and you won’t want to miss a look at the Caribbean Sea. A walk down the cobblestone streets in the evening also makes this charming vacation spot. Meals are usually around  $4 each and you can stay in a  private hostel room for $20, making it a budget-friendly holiday. 


cape town

via Campsbay Girl

This is a hiker’s paradise, if you are looking for a vacation spot that allows you to take advantage of the fresh air and challenge yourself to new reach heights in your muscle strength, head on over to Cape Town next! Taking a day to tackle Little Lions Head is worth the trip alone because of the one-of-a-kind views, lack of crowds and a great place for picnics. South Africa is still a developing country, so it’s still very cheap while also being safe. Check out more amazing Cape Town hikes.


Montreal, Canada

via To Europe and Beyond

If you’re a city dreamer, then pay a visit to Montreal on your next vacation! The incredibly diverse city has the flavor of a French city without the expense of being in Europe. Explore the spectacle of downtown Montreal by walking up Mont-Royal, try out some poutine-topped fries, and wander through St-Paul Street. For museum lovers, check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, visit nature at the Space For Life museum and marvel in the architectural beauty of the Biosphere, Environment Museum. Find more to do in the Canada city.

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ha long bay, vietnam

via Backpacker’s Wanderlust

Make your way down the South China Sea by taking an adventure cruise or cocktail cruise down Ha Long Bay. You’ll get to enjoy delectable Vietnamese seafood dishes as you become one with the sea for a few days. This vacation spot allows for a variety of water activities, such as kayaking and traveling onto amazing islands that will feel like your very own paradise. This traveler was able to book a cruise tour for under $150 and slept in a comfortable dorm room for only $5 a night.


sofia, bulgaria

via Helene in Between

An untapped, affordable European vacation spot can be found in Sofia, Bulgaria! Theres is a beautiful architecture, a thriving city atmosphere and tons to do in this country if you give it a chance. Cheap public transportation and taxi faire, free walking tours of the of the city and food tours make this destination an attractive one. The city has tons of rich history to explore and Seven Rila Lakes is a must-see! Learn more about what you can discover in Sofia.


Machu Picchu, Peru

via Double Occupancy

Ever wanted to check off one of the New Seven Wonders of the World off your bucket list? It’s not as expensive as you think! While many sites boast about the hefty price of traveling to Machu Picchu, but you can find a budget-friendly way to the Incan citadel with a bit of planning. Before hiking to the site, check out the town of Aguas Calientes that will give you a much-needed feeling that you have the world to yourself. This magnificent spot will take you to cloud-nine!!


Tulum, Mexico

via Together Traveler

Sometimes you just need a stunning beach to call you own, which you can find in Tulum. It’s a great vacation spot to take in the deep blue water and dig your feet in the sand for a while. Live on Mexican food, crack open a coconut and get tan-ready in Tulum. Your money will go a long way since 1 peso equals 5 cents and excursions to the ruins is under $4 a person! You can find your happy place on the beaches of Mexico and easily budget your way to a great vacation there.

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