9 Amazing Hacks That Will Help You Save Money Online

save money online

You’re browsing and scrolling, browsing and scrolling, and eventually arrive at check out. Suddenly you feel your mouth drop. $179? How did this happen? And when did the post office decide to raise the tax on shipping?

If this situation sounds all too familiar then you’re in the right place, because here we offer you 7 hacks that will help you save money online.

1. Honey (For Discounts/Coupons)

No, we’re not referring to actual honey but the other holy miracle. Honey is an extension that you can add to your browser. All you have to do is download the service and, upon arriving at checkout, Honey will automatically apply all active coupon codes. 

Talk about convenient!

save money online

2. Groupon (For Discounts/Coupons)

Ever since launching in 2008 Groupon has made its mark in the world of online marketing and sales. Looking to find the best deals on your favorite goods? Travel destination? How about a local activity that you’ve been looking into since early summer? The answer is Groupon. And you can currently save up to 70% off when signing up with them. All you have to do is provide a preferred email account where you will receive notifications on the latest deals, services, and general Groupon user updates.

A pro tip: Download Groupon from your mobile app store to have access to deals while on the go!

save money online

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3. Shopular (For Discounts/Coupons)

Shopular is actually quite similar to Groupon, but here’s the catch: In addition to automatic shopping alert, all promo codes and markdown items are updated hourly. And did we mention up to 25% Cash Back?

4.Wish (For Variety Items)

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials. If you have then you’ll probably recognize this little jingle: ”Oh, Wish has amazing things!” And guess what? They really do. From hardware, household decor, and even clothing Wish has all you need at an incredibly discounted price.

Skirts and dresses (comparable to the quality of those from Forever 21) for less than $10? Your wallet will be thanking you later.

5. Depop (For Variety Items)

Depop has slowly been creeping up the popularity charts since the beginning of 2017. Think of it as an online thrift store. Here, not only can you purchase from other sellers but you can set up your own store (free of charge) too.

From personal experience, the setup is very straightforward. Another plus? Users on Depop (compared to eBay and Etsy) tend to be much more open to counteroffers. So, and if you do end up creating your own account, don’t be afraid to message the seller about altering the original listing price. If your request isn’t too outrageous, most of the time they will accept it.

6. Leave And Return

If you’re unsure about purchasing an item simply leave the item in your shopping cart and return to checkout the following day. This way, not only are you giving yourself time to think about the purchase, but you’re also practicing good spending habits.

Remember: If the purchase doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

A pro tip: Always make sure you have an account set up with the site. This way, when you close your laptop your items are guaranteed to be saved.

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7. Don’t Always Believe In Sales

Online retail is a really tricky business, but one of the easiest tricks these sites will carry out is introducing sales with headlines such as ”25% on second purchase” or ”Buy one get one 50% off”. The catch here is this: Either way you’re still investing in a product you may or may not actually need more of.

Don’t just be smart with your money. Think about where it’s actually going.

save money online

8. Sign Up For Rewards

Ever been stuck in a situation where all of your friends are talking about the newest sale going on at Victoria’s Secret? ”How come they knew and I didn’t?” is a question you may have been asking yourself.

Sign up for rewards to save money online. Not only will you have immediate access to any new information, but you will also have better luck with buying certain items before they run out of stock.

9. Follow Your Favorites On Social Media

Keep in mind that some brands won’t advertise the newest deals via email but rather on apps such as Instagram and Twitter. In fact, sometimes these deals are only advertised on these platforms.

save money online

save money online
save money online

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