Oat Milk is Becoming Your Barista’s Favorite. Almond Milk Who?

oat milk

When you first hear it, the name “oat milk” doesn’t sound super appealing, but it’s gained a strong following in recent months. Baristas everywhere are saying they prefer using oat milk in their coffee drinks. Even environmental advocates say oat milk may be more sustainable than almond milk, and a lot of people are swearing that it really tastes just as good as cow’s milk!

While these are all perfectly fine reasons to make the switch to oat milk, many of us (including myself) may still be wondering whether or not oat milk is any better from a health perspective.

I decided to see for myself if all the hype surrounding oat milk these last few months holds up, so I combed through the data, and now I’m ready to tell you what you need to know. Whether or not switching to oat milk is the right choice for you regarding its taste and consistency, nutritional value, and the different varieties. Let’s go!

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Taste & Consistency

oat milk

I know it sounds strange at first, but this cow milk alternative has a surprisingly dairy-like taste to it. According to Bon Appetit, the flavor is slightly sweet, earthy, and it has a grainy texture, which makes it ideal for use in a variety of different recipes such as baking.

This type of milk is also thick and creamy, very similar to milk dairy, which is why it’s so popular in coffee and tea. I’ve even had it in my bowl of cereal in the morning, and from what I could gather, all this is true. It’s a little sweet, but for the most part, is a lot like cow’s milk in many ways!

Furthermore, turning oats into milk is actually much simpler than one would think. To start things off, purified water is soaked with oats for a period of time. Next, the oats are pulverized to release more of that sweet flavor. Finally, the vat is strained to remove any clumps before being packaged.

High Nutritional Value

oat milk

Oats is famous, for its fiber content. Speaking of that, Berkeley Wellness found that one serving of oats contains enough fiber for four hefty grams!

That’s about one-tenth of your daily intake needs! And, it doesn’t matter how you get it into your body, whether it’s eating oats or drinking it in milk form (about 2 grams per serving), oats are a great way to enjoy that high fiber count! And if you were wondering, almond milk does not contain as much, if any, fiber as oat-based milk.

In addition to the fiber, oats are chock full of essential minerals and vitamins! There’s no stopping this stuff! Most brands of oat milk contain at least 10 minerals and 15 vitamins, poor little almond milk comes up just shy of these numbers.

One weird thing that I’ve found, oat-based milk also offers more calcium in a single serving than cow-based and almond-based milk, which makes it a smart choice to meet all your healthy eating goals!

If you’re following a low-fat diet, you’ll be happy to know that oat-derived milk products are lower in fat than dairy milk and almond milk! Most of the brands contain less than 2.5 grams of fat per serving, while traditional milk can be over 8 grams per serving! Oat milk is also a naturally cholesterol free food.

So, if you’re a calorie counter, you’ll be happy to know that both oak and almond milk are a lot lower in calories than dairy milk. However, oat varieties tend to have even fewer than almond ones. What does this mean? It means you can enjoy it without worrying if it will throw off your daily caloric intake!

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Different Varieties

oat milk

Here’s the thing about plant-based milk according to Samantha Cassetty, RD: they offer much more flexibility than dairy milk. They’re available in many different flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, and they can also be found in sweetened and unsweetened options! If you’re a health conscious individual, you may prefer the unsweetened oat milk!

Whatever your preference, these special characteristics are what make oat-derived milk a flexible addition to your refrigerator. You can enjoy it alone or use the different flavor options to enhance your favorite meals! You have limitless options!

The fact is, most plant-based foods offer bigger and better perks that traditional dairy simply can’t match. However, not all plant-based foods are equal in taste, consistency, or nutritional content. Oat milk is nutritionally superior to almond milk and the science proves it! If you want to see (or, taste, rather) for yourself, pick some up next time you’re at the store.

oat milk
oat milk
oat milk

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