4 Types of Keto Diet Exercises to Improve Your Results

keto diet exercises

Going Keto means a reduction or total elimination of carbs from your diet, and since carbs are the body’s fuel, then it would be natural to think; “Where the heck do you get enough energy to even think of exercise?”

Well, the awesome news is, despite there being certain limitations with what you can and cannot do on a Keto diet, eliminating exercise is not one of them. Actually, it is recommended that you incorporate exercises within a comfortable range to help propel and improve your results in Ketosis.

When it comes to seeing great results with your diet, complimenting it with a good exercise routine and foods that are packed with protein and necessary nutrients to replenish the body is always important.

Keto foods such as Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Fish provide the right amount of vitamins and mineral needed to get you conducting low-intensity fats-fueled workouts.

Today, we give you 4 types of Keto diet exercises that will not only accentuate your Keto results but build a better mind and spirit in the process.

So, let’s start those squats.

1. Aerobic Exercise

keto diet exercises

Cardio is one of the best aerobic exercises out there, as it builds up your endurance and is one of the best ways to burn fat. Doing long duration – low-intensity fat burning exercises like running, biking or swimming will over time make your lungs and muscles stronger, which means you can exercise for longer periods.

But if you are looking for the quick and easy method, especially when energy is on the low you can go the short route. Cardio typically lasts over three minutes and you can choose to do lower-intensity steady state cardio which is fat burning and very Keto friendly.

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2. Anaerobic Exercise

keto diet exercises

Anaerobic exercises normally last for short periods and require quick bursts of energy to perform strenuous tasks. Popular examples of anaerobic exercises are weight training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Carbs are the main source of fuel for anaerobic exercises, so fats alone won’t cut it.

If you decide to perform high energy exercises on your Keto diet, stick to a small amount of carbs (less than 35 grams per day), learn more here.

3. Stability Exercises


keto diet exercises

Balance exercises and core training are a great way to tone the most highlighted muscle groups and build a stronger body. They also help improve alignment and control movement.

When on a Keto diet it is better to stick to low-intensity stability exercises as these types use fat as their main source of energy, while high-intensity ones use carbs.

A great example of low-intensity stability exercises are stability ball exercises.

4. Flexibility Exercises

keto diet exercises

These exercises are important for stretching muscles, joints, and other ligaments while improving muscle range of motion. An awesome example of flexibility exercises is yoga which incorporates a variety of movements to promote good health.

Doing low-intensity flexibility exercises a few times per week can offer amazing results not only with Keto but in general.

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keto diet exercises
keto diet exercises
keto diet exercises

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