9 Cheap Fashion Tips to Make Us Broke Girls Look Rich

cheap fashion tips

Okay ladies I’m here to spill some major tea right now…

I don’t like spending money.

There I said it, and, I feel like I said it for all of us.

In reality, no one really enjoys having to spend their hard-earned money in order to live and live it up. We all know we enjoy the benefits of spending our money, especially, on the lavish things in life, like, fancy cars or designer clothes. But, these designer prices will burn holes right through our pockets and we just can’t have that.

Take a look at the photo below.

cheap fashion tips

Super cute fit right? I think so too! And if you’re like me, you didn’t stop to think if her outfit was designer or expensive (it’s not). It is simply a charming fit, just for her style. And that’s all it takes, Not hundreds of dollars!

So please allow me to show you 9 cheap fashion tips for us broke girls that don’t want to spend lots of money to look gorgeous.

Btw, the model in some of the following photos are of Crystal Mejia, founder of Wise Kouture, LLC., she is a firm believer and advocate for looking stunning on a budget. Shouts to her for providing us with great examples of these cheap fashion tips!

Okay, on with the info!

1. Work with layers to add elegance or ruggedness

The real key to cheap fashion is to work with what you already have. Layers add a sense of sophistication yet, playfulness to any look. Also, if your clothes are made of an overused or cheap fabric, wearing a tank top underneath will make the clothing look fresh and brand new. Crystal shows us how she layers her looks in her fierce street fashion style. So cute and fashionable.

cheap fashion tips

cheap fashion tips

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2. Use prints/textures to lure the eye

This is another cheap fashion trick that is super easy to implement. Fashion designers use vibrant prints and textures to draw the eye to, and away from, a specific area or location. Take the same approach with your outfit. I’ve actually used a paisley scarf to draw attention away from a stain that was on my shirt. It worked like a charm!

cheap fashion tips

Crystal’s dope camo print trousers create a slimming line in her legs that lure the eyes downward making her took long and tall. Try some prints out for yourself!

3. Try pops of color against solid backdrops

Wearing a pop of any color against a monochromatic (single-color) scheme is the perfect way to make a power statement with your style. Crystal again offers the perfect example of how you can use a pop of color to purvey a message.

cheap fashion

This fit is from her blog article titled, Lavish. She explores the fiery touch of style that a pop of red adds to any look. The sultry vibrancy of her red cap gives her face a glow and draws your eyes to her face. This makes her the focal point of any room. Follow Crystal’s advice and use a pop of color to make your outfit speak for you.

4. Invest in a tailor

Believe it or not, you can save yourself quite a bit of money by getting your current wardrobe tailored. Instead of throwing out those jeans that don’t fit anymore, get them hemmed by a tailor. That will only run you around $10, which is pennies compared $120 for a fresh pair of denim. Not only will your old jeans look brand new, but they’ll be more flattering for your frame and shape. I’m you, cheap fashion is the way!

cheap fashion tips

5. Shop smart 

Word of the day? Consignment and outlet stores. Many companies have taken notice of us broke girls who are on the prowl for cheap fashion deals. Outlet stores tend to have a wider range of items than consignment stores. Consignment stores have more high-end and designer items that are pre-owned, at low prices. I’ll link The RealReal, a trusted luxury consignment store.

cheap fashion tips

Check out this Mulberry bag they have with an estimated retail of $1,395. But it’s on sale for only $420! I mean, I don’t even need to do the math for you at this point.

6. Get a pair of “diamond” earrings

Pshh of course not real ones. There are plenty of absolutely beautiful cubic zirconium or even moissanite (a more realistic looking and more expensive synthetic diamond) earrings to choose from. And you don’t even have to go there to still get the radiant look that a sparkling pair of diamonds adds to a look. Notice how they give Crystal’s look a sweet dazzle without being too over-powering.


cheap fashion tips

Don’t sleep on a solid pair of diamonds to liven up your look.

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7. Invest in a statement coat or blazer

Another very simple and cheap fashion tip. A statement coat is your go-to coat to dress up or complete an outfit. I absolutely love how Crystal uses a contrasting coat to add a beautiful conclusion to her outfit. It doesn’t overpower the fit even though it stands out from the rest.

cheap fashion tips

cheap fashion tips

Just like the perfect pop of lipstick, the statement coat gives a gorgeous complimentary contrast to your outfit. Call it a beautiful oxymoron.

8. Go monochromatic

When in doubt, go monochrome. But going mono doesn’t necessarily mean going all one color. You want to play within the tint/shade range of a color because it adds depth to a monochromatic scheme. Sticking to one color and all its ranges have a very slimming effect on the body, which is also a plus. Crystal gives us a beautiful example of how to play with monochromatic.

cheap fashion tips

9. Shop for the basics in the men’s department

This one might the oddest of the cheap fashion tips. Many women’s items including clothing, undergarments, and even grooming tools are often priced much higher than the male equivalents. Save some extra cash on things like socks, t-shirts, and tank tops. Look at the price difference on a simple v-neck shirt.

cheap fashion tips

cheap fashion tips


You’re well on your way to being a cheap fashion queen! I told you I was going to spill the tea. And now with these cheap fashion tips, never again will you have invest hundreds of dollars into your next gorgeous fashion look! 😉

cheap fashion tips
cheap fashion tips
cheap fashion tips
cheap fashion tips

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