7 Reasons Why Being Vegan Will Rock in the Future

being vegan
being vegan
being vegan

However, the benefits of veganism are plenty, and in the future you will be happy you made the switch to this specific lifestyle.

Veganism is considered as the practice of not eating dairy, eggs, animal products or any by-products. According to veganhabits.com, the U.S. population consists of about 1.5% vegans, while the U.K. boasts about 1.1%. Not huge numbers, but with more people realizing the documented harms of meat eating and production, these numbers will skyrocket over the next few years.

So let’s analyze some of the ways adopting this lifestyle will benefit you in the future:


1. Being Vegan: You Will be Healthier Than a Horse (Hopefully)

being vegan

The many health benefits of veganism are well documented and are nothing new to the age we live in. There have been many documentaries that have gained popularity in recent times, such as What The Health on Netflix, addressing the benefits of a plant-based diet and the ills of its opposition.

Science has proven that being vegan is more than a sensational lifestyle change, but one that impacts your health and the way you view humanity, life in general and your environment.

The stats prove that a vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients, helps weight loss, prevents certain cancers and other illnesses and also improve skin and your overall health.

In the future, you will have a lower risk of getting cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity, simply because you started a wholesome vegan diet today.

“Being vegan is a cleaner way of not participating in practices that don’t align with my values” – Cory Booker


2. Being Vegan: Easy on Your Wallet

being vegan

There is a huge misconception that going vegan will drain your wallet. This could not be farther from the truth. Actually, going vegan might save you a lot more than any other dietary lifestyle.

We seem to negate the fact that meat is a luxury food by advocating its “health benefits” and the diversity it offers in the kitchen. However, the average American consumes over 270 pounds of meat each year (with an average price of around $3.99 per pound, do the math). This is ridiculous when you consider all the factors that contribute to that piece of meat reaching your table.

Being vegan on the other hand can be done on a very minimal budget.

Peta.org has a list of vegan meals for $3 and under that incorporates all the necessary nutrients needed for the average human to stay healthy, plus there are many other sites like I Love Vegan that showcases great recipes for very affordable prices.

The notion of living a vegan lifestyle being expensive is nothing but a myth created by the meat producing industry. How can something that requires less natural and human resources to produce be more expensive than an industry that is not only capital-intensive but also toxic to the environment?

In the future meat production will prove to be too costly and the only truly sustainable form of food production will be ones that give back to the environment, not pollute it.

“Where do you get your protein?” Me: “The same place your protein get theirs!”


3. Being Vegan: A Shit Free Environment, Literally

being vegan

Livestock farming is not cheap on our pockets and more so the environment. It is labor intensive, contributes to land and water degradation, acid rain, biodiversity loss, deforestation and coral reef degeneration, to name a few.

Livestock farming worldwide contributes to 18% of greenhouse gases worldwide, making it the biggest perpetrator of all greenhouse gas emitters.

As we seek to cut greenhouse emissions worldwide it is sad to know that we are assessing the impact of every industry except meat production.

Adopting a meat-free diet going into the future will ensure that you are not personally contributing to an industry that not only abuses, tortures and kills animals but also contributes greatly to the degradation of our environment.

In a 2016 New York Times article it was revealed that pig farming facilities in North Carolina were disposing of waste in lagoons of pink sludge in areas close to inhabited communities, polluting ground and surface water for over 3 million people while releasing noxious fumes.

The future will need cleaner means of food production to build healthy societies, and by the looks of it, the meat industry is definitely not the answer.

“You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Being Vegan: Fuck Kitchen Overtime

being vegan

Have you ever cooked meat before? I am talking about a big piece of flank steak fresh from your grocery store aisle?

If you have, then you know you are setting aside at least 30 minutes out of your busy day to get it cooked and if you want it well done, even longer.

Being vegan requires minimal cooking effort as most foods are eaten raw or done by blanching, baking or stewing, methods that don’t require any serious length of time when you are talking about vegetables and other earth foods.

Cooking is now cool as we have highlighted before, and the future will entice us to enter our kitchens and cook up a storm, but that does not mean we want to be caught up checking ovens and stove-tops for hours.

Adopting a vegan diet will not only let you keep more money in your pocket, help you stay healthy and create fresher air to breathe, but will also give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to dedicate too much time out of your schedule to eat awesomely.

“Veganism is not about giving up or losing anything, it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable.” – Gary L. Francione


5. Being Vegan: Open-Mindedness Will Become Your Best Friend

being vegan

If you have always been a close-minded twat who believes everything in your little shell is the way it is for everyone everywhere else, then veganism might be the right lifestyle choice for you.

Being vegan involves not only eating healthy fruits, vegetables and grains but being creative with your meal choices. You will find that going vegan is never easy partly because you never know what to eat, and this is where creativity steps in.

You will have to be willing to try new things, new recipes, new flavors, new clothing, new skincare products, new restaurants, and the list goes on. It requires a drastic lifestyle shift, as most of the things you did as a meat eater are considered a no-no for vegans.

This is a great trait to obtain going forward, as the future will embrace and reward people who think out of the box and are resourceful. Two things you learn from the get-go as a vegan.

As pointed out on mainstreetvegan.com your curiosity will fuel bouts of on the go thinking in the kitchen every day as you seek new ways to prepare dishes you would fancy.

“I chose not to make a graveyard of my body for the rotting corpses of dead animals.” – George Bernard Shaw


6. Being Vegan: You are More Connected to Nature, Not Your Smartphones

being vegan

It is amazing the ability veganism has to impact every facet of your life. From heath to eroding long-held views and stereotypes but most of all to influencing your connection with mind, body, spirit, and nature.

Being vegan triggers an emotional experience that cannot be had eating meat. You feel a oneness and connection with the food you eat knowing it is impacting your body positively and releasing beautiful energy into every cell of your being.

As Rabbi Yanklowitz at Forkoverknives.com states, with veganism, you develop gratitude, discipline and humility, as you realize the impact your actions have not only on yourself but more so your wider community and the world.

You will feel as if you have a purpose and see how something as simple as the food you put in your mouth can change the environment, your body, and even your spirit.

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.” – Charles Darwin


7. Being Vegan: You Will Unwillingly Become an Advocate

being vegan

As a vegan, it is very hard to see people devour meat knowing what it went through to reach their mouths, and in turn the impact it is having on their health.

Even walking through the grocery store and seeing someone pick meat from the meat aisle will grind your gears. Hence, without even accepting it, you will almost unconsciously become an advocate for veganism.

If you go to YouTube and type in “going vegan” for example, you will find over a million results highlighting how to adopt such a lifestyle, recipes, sources of various vitamins on a vegan diet, vegan muscle-building, etc.

All these people were once people like yourself who became advocates for the lifestyle after realizing its health benefits or some may have found it difficult and quit, however, in some way, shape or form, they became an advocate.

You will find yourself doing this with your family, friends and just the average stranger and it will be very difficult to see certain behaviors and turn your back.

So you should start honing your vocabulary skills because I am telling you, advocacy is in your future.

“Veganism is not a sacrifice, it is a joy!” – Gary L. Francione


Why Being Vegan Will Rock Summary

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that goes deeper than a social movement or a hipster gimmick. It is a humane choice that serves a purpose bigger than any one person.

Being vegan is being kind, showing gratitude, showing love, caring and being respectful to not only other humans but also life forms around us that breathe the same air we do.

It is a means of fueling and igniting your spirituality, finding inner peace and contributing to a cause that will define our societies for generations to come.

If you are a vegan, thinking about becoming a vegan, or still nowhere near adopting this lifestyle change, the future is still bright for everyone, but why not make it brighter?

being vegan

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