5 Must-Have Smart Tools for Your Next Trip

smart tools for your next trip
smart tools for your next trip

Somewhere near, somewhere far?

Whether for business or pleasure, time away means making yourself accessible, having suitable convenience and always being ready to act, especially if you have family or a business back home.

According to the National Travel & Tourism Office over 80 million Americans traveled outside the U.S. in 2016 and when you add international travelers to other regions around the world, the number of yearly travelers are staggering.

Hence, it is easy to jump on the next bandwagon of cool destinations to visit just because your coworker went there last summer. But, it is always best practice to ensure your destination is digitally accessible and has all the convenient amenities you will need to survive in a 21st-century reality.

However, there will be the oft times when you plan a trip to places that are less developed than others and you will need to be prepared with your own tools.

Today we give you five must-have travel gadgets you will need for your next trip. So, let’s get those bags packed and rolling…


Project Fi

Project Fi is Google’s answer to unreliable, overpriced mobile service. Launched in 2015, Project Fi not only undercuts the legacy mobile service giants on cost but also offers credits for unused data, and as their website touts, no contact or unknown fees.

With Project Fi you can also use your data in a foreign country just like you would back home. Using the T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular networks, Project Fi switches between services to offer the best reception in your location.

This means no more buffering or out of range messages as you will always be connected with the best service offered in your area.

For your next, Project Fi is hands down the go-to network to get. It is very limited when it comes to available handsets on the network as Google specifically caters to their Pixel devices and the Android One Moto, but this will surely change over time.

Sign up for Project Fi here


Smart Luggage

It is really amazing how important our luggage is to our travels yet many of us pay such little attention to them. We don’t spend too much money on one because it is just not “worth it” or we downplay their usefulness and convenience.

But, when you think about it, your luggage is actually your home while on the road. It carries all your personal and most important traveling belongings while protecting them from outside elements, theft, and loss.

This is why you should invest in a sturdy, secure and innovative luggage set for your next trip.

A smart Carry-on and luggage like Bluesmart can offer you some well-needed peace of mind on your next adventure as they come equipped with GPS, remote locking, and even a battery charger. Starting at $286.99, this is a great investment, even if there’s a decline in lost baggage.

The bag even alerts you by a phone notification when you walk away from it and automatically lock, now that’s a cool feature.

Get Bluesmart and other Smart Luggage options below:


You might be thinking, a Smartwatch? Why is that important?

But think about it! When traveling you are always a target for thieves, scammers, terrorists, kidnappers, murderers, drug traffickers, okay let me stop, don’t mean to scare you 🙂

In many instances when you are in public spaces in a foreign country, the last thing you want to be doing is taking out your super expensive Note 8 or iPhone X to view directions, read texts or get the time.

This is where a Smartwatch comes in.

Smartwatches are not only for exercise stats, but they coordinate with your Smartphone to show notifications, weather, directions, pictures, etc. So why not utilize this awesome tool while on your next trip.

You could be reading the latest news about the area but to someone else, you are just looking at the time. Plus many Smartwatches are not as flashy as regular Watches, so they are not open targets for a perpetrator as say a bright gold Rolex.

Get SmartWatch options below:

Saved Offline Maps

smart tools for your next trip
Courtesy of Digital Trends

In correlation with the aforementioned tool, having saved offline maps is a no-brainer on your next trip. Google Maps is the perfect go-to when it comes to finding quality directions to the most unheard of places anywhere in the world.

Used by millions of people worldwide, the platform is updated almost daily with the latest directions to your destination. Hence, it is always best to research your destination before leaving your hotel and saving the map directions for offline use.

You might lose phone service and then what happens? You are left lost in a foreign country where maybe 8/10 times you don’t speak the language.

Always make sure enough storage is on your phone, as depending on how far your destination, it could take up a significant amount of memory.

Download Google Maps:



Solar Phone Charger

Related image

We all know the weak point of the smart gadgets we hold so dearly…battery!

Being on a trip and having your phone battery die is one of the worst things that can happen in this day and age. Unless you are on a sabbatical to a monk temple in Nepal, your smartphone plays a major role in a successful trip.

After all, it holds all the important info you might need out on the road or to contact back home. Therefore having an extra battery at the ready is always a great idea, but in recent times more and more manufacturers have been eliminating removable batteries from their smartphone designs.

Hence, it is always good to have a on the go charger ready, and this is where the awesome solar comes in.

A Solar Charger is rarely considered by many but it is one of the safest and most effective ways to top up your smart tool.

No matter where you travel, there is a high possibility there will be some sunshine to charge it up and if you should ever go on an excursion that might take all day, you know you are always covered.

Get Solar Phone Charger options below:

Smart Gadgets for Your Next Trip Summary

Taking a trip whether for business or pleasure is always an exciting thing to look to, but it can easily go sideways when you are not properly equipped for the likely misfortunes that can occur.

Investing in the right tools to make your next trip a stress free one will be something you thank yourself (and us) for when everything goes smoothly.

Safe travels and always travel smart.

Cover Image by Kazuya Horikirikawa

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  1. I never considered getting a smart watch before, but after reading this, I might reconsider. I try to remember to download the offline maps too, and now knowing I could check the directions from a smart watch…even better! Great post!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Marcelle. Indeed, these tools will make your travels a lot more stress-free and convenient with all the right information being at your fingertips, literally. Safe travels. One Love!

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