10 Delicious Keto Snacks on Amazon With Mostly Positive Reviews

keto snacks on amazon

When you think diet foods and snacks, the last place you might think of sourcing these items is Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, Amazon has become a life-saver in many facets of our lives where shopping is concerned, but be honest, how many of us really buy food on Amazon?

However, with their venture into the grocery market in 2017 through their acquisition of Whole Foods Market and the launch of their Amazon Go concept convenience stores, Amazon is coming to take over the food industry in a big way. So, us buying food from the world’s largest online retailer is the next step in their world domination.

Why Buying Food Online Sucks!

The biggest pain point when it comes to buying food online is that you never know what you’re getting. Will the product be damaged? Will it be fresh? Will it taste good?

Just like everything else you buy online, unfortunately, you will never know the answer to these questions until the item is in your hands. However, a good go around for this is to read the reviews and see what other buyers experiences have been like. Many times, yours will be similar or even more pleasant.

So, today we give you 10 delicious Keto snacks on Amazon and showcase a positive and critical review for each, to help you make an informed decision on which one of these Keto treats you want to try.

Let’s start checking these snacks out:

1. KNOW Foods Protein Cookies

keto snacks on amazon - know foods protein cookies
via Amazon

These cookies have only 4-gram net carbs, are packed with 18 grams protein and comes in a variety pack with flavors such as chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, lemon, and cinnamon.

5 Star ReviewKeto Friendly Cookies! ALLULOSE DOES NOT COUNT AS NET CARB!!

Diana states – “I’m on the Ketogenic diet and this is perfect when I have a craving or too busy to eat. They taste better (less hard and chewy) than Quest bars and Costco branded protein bars. They are huge too, I can eat half at a time and save another half for later.

I bought Lemon, Double Chocolates, and Chocolate Chips. I like them all! It’s hard to find Keto snacks with cake texture unless I make them myself. These are great for low-carb people on the go! But of course, don’t eat them excessively!”

3 Star Review: Inconsistently good!

Seeker states – “I have purchased these cookies several times and I am finding the quality inconsistent. I may get a box that’s great and very enjoyable and the next one will be very dry and overbaked. They are too expensive for them not to be great every single time. Otherwise- I enjoy the flavor and find them a great treat with coffee.”

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21 day keto challenge

2. Quest Protein Nutrition Chips (Sour Cream & Onion)

keto snacks on amazon - protein chips
via Amazon

If you’re looking for the perfect on-the-go snack or something to kick back with while catching up on your Netflix, then this is it. Packed with 21 grams protein and 3-grams net carbs, this snack is low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free and potato-free. Wow!

5 Star Review: Best protein product I’ve ever had!

Amazon590 – “Shocked at the 3.5-star reviews! Guys these are protein chips NOT greasy junk food, don’t expect the same taste. Honestly, they are pretty awesome and help so much in reaching my protein goals.

If you can tolerate baked lays and want more protein in your life this is the chip for you. If you’re not looking to add protein then I don’t see why you’d spend so much on these vs a normal back that’s 1/5 the price and likely better, though less healthy, taste.”

2 Star Review: Taste just isn’t there!

StacyM states – “This product helps with the craving for chips. However, they are kind of gross! I am super disappointed because I LOVE this flavor and would really LOVE to buy something low carb with the crunch and the flavor.

The chips that had a lot of seasoning were semi-okay. There were some in the bag that basically had none. The crunch is there which is super nice but the taste still reminds me of cardboard. Pork rinds are still a better alternative. Hoping these chips improve over time or pork rinds eventually come in this flavor too.”

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3. Keto Fat Protein Bar (12 Pack)

keto snacks on amazon - keto fat protein bar

This is a great Ketogenic snack for metabolism, energy boost and high performance. Made with MCT Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Organic Almond Butter, this one is definitely worth a try.

5 Star Review: Addictive!

Chelsea states – “These are like crack, about as expensive too (just guessing!). I look forward to my one bar “fix” daily.”

3 Star Review: Meh!

Crb1105 states – “Tastes ok, but far too expensive to buy on a regular basis.”

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4. ChocZero’s Keto Bark

keto snacks on amazon - keto bark

This sugar-free snack is perfect for those afternoon slumps.

5 Star Review: So delicious!

Amazon customer – “These chocolates are so delicious right out the bag!!! I have to be very careful that I don’t eat too many. So I eat a couple after my dinner. They are so filling not thin and flimsy. If you’re on the Keto diet watching carbs and sugar, then this treat is perfect.

It’s actually perfect for any diet or an everyday snack with no diet. Seriously! I hope more people come up with quality Keto foods like this. Thanks, ChocZero!”

2 Star Review: Nothing really low-carb about these!

Matt states – “Not sure what’s Keto about these. You get a pretty hefty blood sugar jump from eating these. I’m sure it’s less than normal chocolate, but it will certainly knock you out of Keto if you eat more than one piece in a sitting. They taste great though.”

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5. Atkins Nutty Fudge Brownie Bar (5 bars)

keto snacks on amazon - atkins fudge bar

Chewy and moist with walnuts and a chocolate coating, only 2 grams net carbs and zero grams sugar.

5 Star Review: Taste great and also come in 10 pack

Page 9 states – “I wasn’t sure about these at first, but by the end of the box I was on board. They’re a bit like Snickers, except not so sweet. The bars are a bit chewy, which some people had trouble with, but I like them that way. I’ll add these to my favorites and continue to buy them, along with the cashew trail bars and chocolate caramel squares.

If you like dark chocolate you’ve got to try their dark chocolate raspberry squares. I’ve never tasted any sugarless chocolate that tastes so close to sugary chocolate. Sadly, you have to walk into a Walmart store for them; there’s no place to buy them online anywhere. But they’re so worth it – and I absolutely hate going to Walmart.”

2 Star Review: Ehh, buy something else!

Tati states – “It wasn’t what I expected. I’m used to the fiber one ones that are soft. These were quite dense & stiff. The husband ate them, I only had half of one & didn’t enjoy the whole texture.”

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6. Better Than Coffee Energy Bars (12 Count)

keto snacks on amazon - better than coffee energy bars

Consisting of natural caffeine, this one is a kicker and is the perfect replacement for those coffee binges you are constantly doing at work.

5 Star Review: Better than energy drinks!

TCODan states – “Taste takes a little getting use too, but they work great. A better alternative to drinking a Rockstar or a Red Bull, which is what I use to drink daily.”

2 Star Review: First time I ordered it was good tasting, good texture!

MAD states – “First time I ordered it was good tasting, good texture, but this order the bars were half the size(in the normal size packaging) and were mushy in texture.”

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7. Just the Cheese Bars (12 Two-Bar Packs)

keto snacks on amazon - just cheese bars
via Amazon

Made from natural cheese and oven baked, this snack is a treat to crave.

5 Star Review: So good!

Brittany states – “I just got the grilled cheese bars and am in love with them They have a nice buttery flavor which kind of mellows out the “burned” cheese taste. Each pack is about the equivalent in size of a granola bar and comes with two thin cheese wafers.

Also, they may be low carb but they are still an indulgence: 12g fat, 8g sat fats, 30mg cholesterol, 320mg sodium. Considering they are real cheese, this isn’t much of a surprise. The price is steep, but as we all know, cheese is a wallet-drainer. in light of this I am attempting to pace myself, but am not sure how well it will go.”

3 Star Review: Too Strong Flavor!

Limitedmom states – “Good but a little too strong in the flavor for me. Probably won’t buy again but I can see where some people would like them.”

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8. Grass-Fed Beef Sticks (12 Pack)

keto snacks on amazon - beef sticks
via Amazon

Made from grass-fed beef, this bar is protein-rich, nitrite and MSG free. Perfect beef jerky replacement.

5 Star Review: Seriously GOOD!

Amazon customer states –  “These are seriously GOOD! I am hypoglycemic & get a headache, the shakes, nausea & seriously irritable if I get too hungry. So I keep some of these in the car for when “the hungries” attack unexpectedly.

Love the taste & that they are GMO-free, gluten-free & MSG free. But they also taste great. They’re also good to take for plane trips (they seldom serve meals anymore). My husband loves them and won’t eat those from the grocery store after tasting these. I will be reordering these often.”

2 Star Review: Texture is good, the flavor is mediocre!

Patrick states – “Texture of these is good, the flavor is mediocre. If this were the end of the review, I would buy them again. But these meat sticks have that weird fat in them that sticks to the roof of your mouth – it’s like this film of fat when you chew them that glazes over your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Not inedible, but I def won’t be getting any more.”

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21 day keto challenge

9. Moon Cheese Assortment (4 Pack)

keto snacks on amazon - moon cheese assortment
via Amazon

Crunchy, low-carb snack perfect for Keto or paleo diets. Comes in four distinct flavors, pepperjack, cheddar, gouda, and mozzarella.

5 Star Review: Great snack option for low-carb dieters!

Chrysanthemum states – ” I am currently on a low carb diet and often miss crunchy, salty foods. Moon Cheese is a great way to get that crunch. I love it as a snack by itself, or to add some texture to a salad.

My favorite flavors are the gouda and the pepperjack because they have a nice tang and complex flavor. While the mozzarella and cheddar are tasty, they are a little blander. The only hesitation that I had in giving this pack five stars is that it is quite expensive for the small packages they come in. Each bag has around 2.5 servings, I think.”

3 Star Review: Might be 100% cheese but they taste like overpriced crackers!

Vegas Massimo states – “Tastes like any other crackers… don’t think they will melt in your mouth an taste like actual cheese, they don’t .. they might be 100% cheese but they taste like overpriced crackers.. and the portions are small.. each pack is enough for 2 kids to share as a snack.”

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10. Performance Nut Butter (10 Pack)

keto snacks on amazon - nut butter

Nuts are packed with nutrition and play an important role in almost any diet. This awesome nut butter is made of just four wholesome and nutritious ingredients – macadamia nuts, coconut, cashews and Himalayan sea salt.

4 Star Review: Flavor blend is really good, I usually take this as a light breakfast!

Nicholas states – “Really tasty product, flavor blend is really good. I usually take this as a light breakfast before my long runs as a fuel for training and it’s pretty smooth, so doesn’t make me feel gross before activity. Really great for long hikes too.

Suggestions before eating (like most nut butter) some of the ingredients separate bit while sitting in the pouch, usually I squeeze/knead the pack bit before opening to blend it all together again, so it’s smooth/consistent.”

3 Star Review: Expensive per unit!

Cchaney states – “Too expensive for these tiny pouches…like 3.00 a pouch for a teeny tiny packet. It tastes good but also hard to scrape with teeth out of the pouch.”

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 11. Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs (Recipe Book)

keto snacks on amazon - sweet and savory fat bombs book
via Keto Diet App

This is not formally on the list as it’s not a ready-to-eat snack, you will definitely have to do some work. But, this book packs 100 Keto-friendly, paleo and low-carb treats all into one. You will be snacking for days.

4 Star Review: Mind officially blown!

Fed Up With Liars states: At first read, this looks like a bound collection of “50 shades of truffles and bonbons”, but the last chapter…oh, the LAST chapter…was worth the price of the book. Did you know you could make fat bombs out of SALMON, SARDINES, BACON+EGGS, and GUACAMOLE? I didn’t until now.

1 Star Review: One Star!

Cheri Bailey states -Recipes are way too complicated and use all kind of ingredients you wouldn’t normally buy.

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Happy cooking, eating, and dieting!

keto snacks on amazon
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keto snacks on amazon

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